Stove broken - what to do?

When the electric stove or the oven gives up its spirit, good advice is expensive. On the other hand, defects in the gas stove are rare. What you can do on a case-by-case basis, where to go for repairs and what else to consider, read here.

Electric stove defective

Due to the technique, defects can occasionally occur in the electric range. These can be in very different areas. To get an idea of ​​the damage, you can first of course check some basic things yourself:

  • Could the stove be overheated? (several plates for a longer time at full load)
  • Are all the fuses in the fuse box up?
  • Do all hot plates react and become warm when switched on?
  • Does it smell spongy somewhere?
  • Does the oven work?

If there is a possibility that the stove has overheated, it is best to let it sit for a while and after 1 - 2 hours to try if the damage still exists.

If a fuse has fallen, switch the fuse on again. If it does not stay in or jumps out again and again, there is a defect. In this case, a repair is necessary. Older ovens that are "bridged" and connected to only one phase can often pop out a fuse if too much power is turned on (multiple cooking plates, high level).


Under no circumstances you should try repairs yourself, even if you always find "instructions" on the net. Even opening a stove can be life-threatening due to live parts!

There are several options for the repair:

  • Customer service (usually expensive)
  • Electrical companies specializing in household appliances (often nearby)
  • Special repair services from the dealer where you bought the device

gas cooker

With gas stoves defects are quite rare, due to the quite simple technology. If the gas stove does not work, you should first check whether there is an audible gas leak from all cooktops, whether the flame remains after ignition, and whether all flames can be regulated by the regulators.

If you smell gas around the stove before switching it on, you should stop turning on the stove and avoid any sparking, and immediately call the gas emergency service.

Repair of gas stoves

For the repairs you can contact the dealer where you bought it or contact the manufacturer. For repair services in the vicinity it is also worthwhile to ask the gas supplier once. Mostly one knows there enterprises, which take over also repairs.

Tips & Tricks

With defective herds you should always first see who has to pay the costs. In many cases, however, repairs are not worthwhile at all, because of the low prices for new stoves a new purchase is often more economical.

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