Stove in the corner - is that practical?

When planning modern kitchens, it is often necessary to house a large number of devices in a very limited space. It may happen that the planning suddenly envisages the stove in a corner. If this is possible and useful, you can find out here.

Technical implementation

Setting the stove at the end of a kitchenette in the corner, or just "over corner" (ie to install at an angle of 45°, is technically easy.) This applies to all types of stoves.

However, if it is a liquefied petroleum gas stove, there are certain minimum clearances to be made when planning - both to the wall and to other parts of the kitchen.

Practical difficulties

When cooking in the kitchen, however, the comfort and operability may suffer greatly if the cooker is installed in the corner:

  • In the case of wall corners, splattering of grease is likely on the nearby wall, and the development of heat and steam can also be unfavorable for the wall
  • The removal of food from the oven is often difficult
  • When cooking, the missing area next to the stove is an uncomfortable obstacle
  • in the right-angled side drawers are difficult to reach and block while standing in front of the stove

In principle, kitchen planners recommend to plan at least 50 cm free "storage space" next to a hob. This is advantageous in both ergonomic and practical terms. There should be even more space between the stove and the sink. Optimal are here 80 cm distance.

Tips & Tricks

What applies to the stove, by the way, also applies to the dishwasher. Also, it should - for obvious reasons - if possible not installed in the corner. Installing the cooker next to the fridge is in most cases the lesser evil.

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