Stove in front of the window - is that optimal?

In some kitchen plans, the stove suddenly comes to rest under an existing window. Whether this solution is optimal, which disadvantages can arise, and what you should definitely think, you will learn in this post.

window height

The kitchens should, of course, always fit under the windowsill - but this applies to every type of kitchen installation. Whether you can still reach the optimal, ergonomic working height is due to the height of the window. On average, tall people (between 165 and 185 cm) need a kitchen height between 93 and 103 cm in the kitchen for back-friendly work.

Possible disadvantages due to stove in front of the window

If you have the stove in front of the window, you should consider a few possible disadvantages:

  • Grease splashes on the windows
  • studded windows
  • limited possibilities for extractor hoods
  • no possibility for blinds (blinds or curtains) on the windows
  • Kitchen smell is reinforced in the room

Grease splashes on the windows

When cooking, it inevitably comes to fat splashes. In this case, the splashes land on the windows. Windows and especially window frames are much more difficult to clean than a flat tile surface, especially if you have to bend over the stove. In addition, the dirty windows are also clearly visible from the outside.

Studded windows

The windows often fog up the windows. This also leads in the long term to the formation of annoying, greasy soiling, which can be removed only with difficulty.

Limited options for cooker hoods

An extractor hood can only be mounted on the ceiling in this case. These solutions are more complex and expensive than ordinary cooker hoods, and higher performance is required.

No possibility for blinds (blinds or curtains) on the windows

Because of the heavy soiling, no roller blind or curtain can be attached to the kitchen windows. In addition, textiles directly above the stove would mean a high risk of fire. In this case, you also have to live with unimpeded insight from the outside.

Kitchen smell is reinforced in the room

When the window is tilted, the resulting hot kitchen fumes are strongly cooled and led through the air flow into the room. Cooking odors are thus significantly longer throughout the room than when the vapors are disposed of by a cooker hood and draft ventilation next to the stove. In addition, most likely increases the cleaning effort in the kitchen.

Tips & Tricks

Also earlier, it was always recommended to build the stove near the window. That still applies today. But right at the window is only a little optimal.

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