Installing the stove - how does it work?

If you get a new electric stove, you can also install it in the kitchen (except for the connection). What is to be done and how to proceed step by step in turn, you will learn in this post.

Types of herds

Basically, one has to distinguish once, which type of stove is concerned. There are electric stoves, which are connected together to a single device. Such herds were especially common in the past.

The more common variant today are stoves, where the hob and oven are separated. They can either be interconnected or completely separate. This then plays a role for the connections, as the cooker socket must be set by the electrician depending on the stove configuration to different heights.


Prior to installation, make sure that the required connections (stove connection box, possibly separate connection for oven) have already been made by the electrician. The connection work itself may also not make yourself - for an electrician is absolutely necessary. What is to be considered in terms of connections, you will read in this post.

Installation of the ceramic hob

Basically, a cutout must be made for the installation of the ceramic hob in the worktop. If you build a new ceramic hob in the existing worktop, such as when replacing the built-in cooker, you must make sure that the required section of the new ceramic hob is at least the same size, better larger than that for the old. The size of ceramic fields is not standardized, so there are several variants available.

In order to be able to produce the cut exactly, each new stove is accompanied by a so-called "installation template". If you want to install a used stove, and has no template, but you can also produce them easily on the basis of the dimensions of the ceramic hob also easily.

Herd installation - basic instructions

  • hob
  • Template for the hob cutout in the worktop
  • oven
  • required fastening material
  • Sealing materials for the hob
  • jigsaw
  • Drill and drill (to use the jigsaw)
  • Screwdriver or cordless screwdriver
  • tape measure

1. Make a hob cut-out

Measure and mark the exact position of the hob on the worktop. Place template and align. So that the worktop does not fray, work with the jigsaw from below. Smooth the cut edge slightly after the cut.

2. Mount the hob

Then insert the hob and fasten as intended (usually with clamps). Do not forget to seal the hob with suitable means.

3. Make connections

Have the electrician connect and have them checked.

4. Install the oven

The oven is simply inserted. It is usually secured against falling out with simple screws. The oven can usually be easily plugged into a dedicated socket.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, cover the ceramic hob immediately after installation so that there are no scratches or damage.

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