Stove guard comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Herdschutzgitter Comparison or Test 2018

  • Stove screens curb the curiosity of your children and prevent them from exploring the stove. You can protect the little ones from bad burns.
  • But the bars must not be too far apart, otherwise the small fingers can pass through the metal hearth grid to the hot stove plate. The best stove grill with a switch cover also prevents your child from turning the knobs.
  • Many grids can be folded down after assembly to cover the buttons on the stove, but there are also models that have the switch cover separately integrated.

Stove guard comparison 2018: guard

In the household they lurk everywhere: the small sources of danger. Surely you've also heard that most household accidents happen, even those with fatalities. AXA figures confirm this: While 3,500 people are killed in road traffic every year, there are approximately 9,000 deaths in household accidents.

If something happens to you by your own carelessness, that is one thing. But just when you have toddlers just starting to explore the world, you should make the best possible provision. In order to prevent the children from burning at the stove, the use of a stove grille. In our Herdschutzgitter comparison 2018 you will learn which material you should prefer when buying and why a switch cover is worthwhile.

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1. Safety in the kitchen

Here lurk the greatest dangers: hurry and unrest

Stove guard comparison 2018: comparison

Around one third of household accidents happen to women during routine cleaning work. The men are affected in this statistic rather in home improvement work - about 5 percent. If you want to actively do something to prevent accidents, we advise you to take it like Balu, the bear: with peace and coziness. Hurry is the top cause of accidents in the household.

Who does not know it: You are told not to do something, and suddenly you have a desire to do just that. It is no different with small children. "Do not touch the stove, it's still hot" and hey presto - already the screaming is great. In order to eliminate at least this source of danger, the use of a stove guard lends itself to. This prevents children's hands from exploring the hearth.

We recommend that you think about the purchase of such a product, as soon as your child runs and at every opportunity pull up something want. It does not matter if it is a hearth grid by Reer or a cheap offer from Amazon. These stoves attach to the worktop or directly to the hob. They come in different designs and categories, e.g. for gluing, drilling or clamping.

2. Child protection for the stove: bars yes or no?

Cooker Guard

Stove guard comparison 2018: guard

  • prevents the handle on the stove
  • looks classy if it is made of metal

Cooking fumes and fat splashes do not accumulate too much on the grid
does not distort your kitchen
if the distance of the bars to each other is too large, the child's hand can grasp

Herd protection plate

Stove guard comparison 2018: 2018

  • forms a closed wall around the stove
  • Reliable as a switch cover because there are no gaps

even the smallest children's hands stay away from the stove
is also available in a transparent look
quickly becomes unsightly, as the cooking fumes and fat splashes collect on the plate

For optimum safety around your stove In any case, you should buy a stove guard, which also folds over the stove switchif you do not cook. Most lattice models are suitable for this. Not all products are equipped with this function with the stove top plates.

Here you will find the Advantages and disadvantages of a stove protection with grid compared to one with a plate at a glance:

  • looks nobler
  • attracts the dirt less
  • Stove guard is hinged - serves as a switch cover
  • very small children's hands could reach through

Most models are suitable for built-in stoves. This means that they are attached to the worktop. These stoves are not suitable for free-standing stoves. If you own one, you must pay attention to the note "cooker guard for free-standing cookers" when buying. There are also separate instructions for stove guards for gas stoves.

3. Purchase advice: How to find your personal stove screen test winner

3.1. All about the material

Most child safety locks for the stove are made of lightweight plastic or sturdy stainless steel. If you value sustainable quality, we recommend buying a stainless steel cooker grill. The likelihood of plastic becoming brittle due to the heat that can be generated around the stove in combination with the subsequent cooling is relatively high - even if your oven is directly under the stove.

Stove guard comparison 2018: 2018

Thanks to a stove protection plate, no little fingers get on the hot stove.

Stove grilles made of stainless steel are longer lasting, This is especially interesting from the standpoint of resale value. You do not always need a child safety in your kitchen.

3.2. May it be a little closer?

When buying a cooker guard, keep in mind how far the bars are from each other. The curious child's hand should not be able to reach effortlessly between the bars.

This is especially important if you have folded down the stove guard as a switch cover. To avoid this risk, you can also opt for a model that consists of a single plate.

We recommend that you consider your child's character when making a purchase decision. Is it very curious and would like to investigate everything exactly? Then you should prefer to grab a plate product. It's even less likely that your child will be able to turn the stove grill by the buttons.

3.3. Do you want to glue the stove?

Stove guard comparison 2018: 2018

Children are curious and want to try everything their parents do - even turning buttons. We recommend you a reliable switch cover.

The two most common types of mounting are on the one hand the attachment with a clamp and on the other hand with the help of mounting tape. The advantage of stove grilles for clamping is that you can disassemble the grid faster and more flexibly. Especially for models that you can clean in the dishwasher, this type of attachment is recommended.

4. Questions and answers around the topic of stovetops

4.1. How can you increase the security in your home?

Is there a hearth grid test at Stiftung Warentest?

So far, Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a stove guard test. On the internet a message about safe herds can be found. Here it is said that induction hobs make the stove child-safe, because really only the cooking pot and not the surrounding material heats up. The temperature difference to a normal hot plate is 45 to 60° C.

The baby market is very broad, so you can make your apartment or your house child safe. We advise you to take a look at the following products so that your child does not have a household accident as early as possible:

  • Door and stair gate
  • Fuses for cabinets and drawers
  • edge protection
  • socket guards

The market leader in cooker grilles is Reer, Together with the products from SO-TECH and rKüchentechnik, Reer stove guards are in the upper price segment. Items from Prince Lionheart are a bit cheaper, but the products of such manufacturers are often plastic cooker plates.

Here are the most popular manufacturers and brands at a glance:

  • Reer
  • Baby Dan
  • Prince Lionheart
  • Hartig + slipway
  • Ikea
  • Kesseböhmer
  • rKüchentechnik
  • Brevi
  • Helly

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