Connecting the stove - what costs do you have to expect?

To connect a stove always needs a specialist. The connection itself can be life-threatening. The costs that can be expected for stove connections in general, and what additional costs may be incurred, can be found in this article.

heat sources

In German kitchens different types of stoves are common. Essentially, however, one can distinguish three important heating technologies:

  • electrically operated (electric stove, ceramic hob, induction cooker)
  • Gas-operated (gas stove and possibly also gas-powered oven)
  • Solid hearths (wood, coal, coke, etc.)

Almost all household stoves today are electrically powered stoves. They are always connected in the same way (to three-phase current). Gas stoves are mainly found in restaurants, solid fuel stoves, especially wood stoves, are very rare as "cook stoves".

Cost of the electric stove

If a three-phase connection is available, and the installation is intact, the electric stove normally costs between 50 EUR and 100 EUR.

Prolonged, possibly necessary extensions or the production of a separate oven connection from the three-phase connection can affect. In most cases, however, only small, additional material costs are to be taken into account.

If there is no three-phase connection, the stove can also be connected single-phase. This is usually the least expensive option. The production of a new three-phase connection can be very expensive under certain circumstances.

Cost of the gas stove

The connection of a gas stove by the expert also costs around 50 EUR - 100 EUR. In addition to the travel and working time costs often also the cost of a suitable gas hose (around 20 - 40 EUR) must be taken into account. If a suitable "gas socket" already exists, establishing the connection is particularly easy.

Cost of the wood-burning stove

The cost of connecting a wood-burning stove to the existing fireplace is much higher. As a rule you have to assume costs in the range of around 200 EUR. If additional work is required, it can also be significantly more expensive. Often the installation is also offered by the stove manufacturer himself at special, discounted rates, if you buy from him.

Tips & Tricks

Before you connect a wood stove in the kitchen, you should in any case talk to the chimney sweep before the purchase and have the necessary calculations done by him. Then the required decrease is always unproblematic. Without acceptance, such a stove may not be operated.

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