Stove tiles: coziness and design

The good old tiled stove is experiencing an unexpected renaissance again - the stove builders are increasingly busy. For the cosiness radiating a tiled stove, however, the selection of the correct stove tiles is decisive. What is available here, where to get stove tiles and what they can cost, you will learn in this post.

Oven tiles are almost the most important part of the tiled stove

Tiled stoves are becoming increasingly popular. The comforting heat radiating from such an oven is not least due to the stove tiles, which are usually covered with fireclay bricks.

The structure of stove tiles can be used to distinguish between the (visible) front and the side facing the oven, which is usually backfilled with stuffing stones or, in the case of new ovens, also with firebricks.

New designs often use so-called full tiles, which ensure a higher stability of the furnace and make the work of the stove setter much easier.

The most important tile types

  • Mug- tube and pot tiles as well
  • Bowl and pot tiles belong to the vascular tiles
  • Mushroom, plate and niche tiles as well
  • Half-cylinder corner and Gesimskacheln and the Bekrönungskacheln are in contrast composite stove tiles

Prices of stove tiles

Depending on the quality, design and design, there are always big price differences for stove tiles. Very simple tiles usually cost around 25 x 25 cm around 30 EUR, Simc tiles are even with the simple shapes and designs then about twice as expensive.

At the top there are hardly any limits, especially expensive are antique replicas or original antique pieces for which often astronomical prices are required and also paid.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • A shop with simple and simple tiles in many different designs and with very moderate prices.
  • MEZ Keramik is another manufacturer of stove tiles in Germany with a large selection
  • stove tiles for many different styles can be found in this shop, as well as a number of sample tiled stoves.

That way you can save costs

For the planning of your tiled stove you need a stove builder anyway. Just set a budget, and your stove maker will look for a manufacturer to reach that price.

Tips & Tricks

The self-construction of tiled stoves is tried again and again, but is not completely unproblematic. If you do not do everything right, it can end up in an explosion.

Video Board: Tiled Stoves in Contemporary-Retro Designs