Tile tile stove again - is that possible?

Tile stoves are often very old pieces, this also applies to the stove tiles. After decades (often centuries) of use, they can break or break loose. Or the tile design no longer fits the current living room design. Whether you can tile a tiled stove so new, you can find out here.

stove tiles

A tiled stove is not covered with ordinary tiles but with special stove tiles. There are different stove tiles, which can vary greatly in their construction and construction.

In old tiled stoves you will occasionally still find full tiles, which are particularly easy to set. In most cases, however, stove tiles are composite tiles of various types:

  • Mug tiles, tubular tiles
  • Vessel tiles (also bowl tiles or pot tiles)
  • mushroom tiles
  • plate tiles
  • African tiles
  • corner tiles
  • Gesimskacheln
  • Crowning Tiles...

The number of possible shapes is so extremely diverse, in addition to the many different sizes for stove tiles. If you find suitable tiles in the right size, you can easily replace them individually or piece by piece.

Prices for replacement tiles

In terms of price, even the simplest stove tiles in common formats are already around 30 EUR per piece, if they are monochrome. Special decors or a special design or a special format can easily beat with twice the price to book.

In view of the high prices, it is hardly worth a "change". The replacement of individual, fallen tiles should, however, usually be possible if one finds a suitable design or can be re-produced.

A list of some tiled stove companies can also be found in this post. Or ask your installer or tile stove manufacturer about ceramic companies that make stove tiles.

Cover stove tiles

Theoretically, one could also cover oven tiles. Provided heat-resistant lacquer and appropriate preparation of the tiles with suitable primer.

In practice, however, one can assume that the result will probably not be visually superior, and it will remain clearly visible that the tiles have been painted.

Self-tests are certainly not recommended here, since the failed result can then no longer be undone.

Plaster the stove

A simple knocking off the tiles and a plastering of the furnace is also problematic: First, the tiles are by far most of the tile stoves with-bearing components, and secondly, so that the heat storage of the tiled stove is lost.

Tips & Tricks

If a remodeling of the stove really seems necessary and unavoidable, it is best to turn to a specialist company (Hafnermeisterbetrieb), and to have the possibilities checked by a specialist.

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