Repair the belt winder from a roller shutter

If the belt suddenly becomes unreelable from a roller shutter, the spring inside the belt reel is usually broken. Due to the regular load over the years, this is a completely normal wear. Therefore, we have put together a guide below, how to repair the belt winder from a shutter.

The functioning of a shutter

When you lower the roller shutter, the roller shutter belt is unrolled by the Gurtwickler. Inside this role is a flat spiral spring, which is stretched over a centrally located driving sleeve. Now open the roller shutter again, it pulls the belt automatically on the roll. So he is always anxious on the brake, so you can leave the shutter in any position.

Belt not cracked and still defective: spring broken

Thus, this spring is exposed to enormous stress. The fact that this spiral spring can break again and again, is completely normal. How far you now want to resort to the repair of new parts, however, is up to you. You can buy the parts differently.

  • the complete Gurtwickler
  • only the spring and the middle sleeve
  • only one spring

Repair from Gurtwickler also possible with the old spring

But with the right tools and skill, you may even be able to use the old spring again. Rolled out, the spring looks like a flat ruler profile. At the inner end there is a punched round or square opening. There, the spring is attached to the drive sleeve (which has a matching hook).

Where the opening is, is the big weak point of these springs. That's where they usually break too. Regardless of how far you want to use new parts, you can use the following instructions for repair and repair.

Step by step instructions for repairing the belt winder of a roller shutter

  • new Gurtwickler
  • alternatively new spring
  • alternatively new drive sleeve
  • screwdriver
  • hacksaw
  • Dremel
  • Drill with iron drill

1. Preparatory work

First, you need to expand the Gurtwickler. Loosen the screws and simply remove it from the wall opening.

2. Disassemble the Gurtwicklers

The inner drive sleeve is dangled to the outside with the tin. These pins are simply bent inwards. Now you can remove the rewinder from the holder and open it like a traditional tin can.

a) Insert new spring

You will now see that the spring is broken in the area of ​​the hole. Remove both parts or insert the new spring as well as the previous one.

b) Repair old spring

Usually only a few centimeters are broken off. With a hacksaw you can cut off the spring where it is full again (without a hole).

Now transfer the hole dimensions of the broken spring piece to the sawn-off spring. In the middle drill a hole with the iron drill into the area to be removed. With the Dremel you can now slowly sand the mold out.

3. Assemble the belt winder

Now you can put the old spring back into the winding box. Insert the driver sleeve and engage the spring. Now close the lid and turn the securing pins outwards into the recesses provided. Then you can attach the belt again.

4. Tension and insert the belt winder

Now tension the belt winder. Under no circumstances should you tighten it too tightly. But if you do not put enough tension on it, the roller shutter belt will not roll up completely later. You may have to try several times with different voltages.

For clamping simply turn the can opposite to the later winding direction.

Tips & Tricks

If the webbing is torn, the rewinder has also relaxed. After installing a new roller shutter belt (here you will find instructions for renewing the roller shutter belt). The house journal offers many more articles and articles on other topics for home improvement. For example, calculate the pitched roof.

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