Build a strike yourself

It is rarely used, which is why it is not bought because of the usually quite high prices - the strike. However, a strike can be easily built yourself. We have summarized below how you can build a coating yourself.

The purchased coating often anything but cheap

How the spreader is used correctly, we have set out in the linked article in detail. It follows that the strike size consists of only a few individual parts. This is contrasted with the fact that even in the low-cost hardware store, a strike measurement often seems almost unreasonably expensive.

Coating cheap and fast build yourself

Since the strike size is not needed so often, it is a little economic purchase for many home improvement. But that does not mean that you would also have to do without a strike; You can easily build it yourself. You only need a small amount of material for this:

  • a square timber, which you can cut out rectangular in the middle
  • two strips of grove that provide you with tongue and groove
  • a flat metal ruler
  • 1 x threaded insert, suitable for a screw-in scriber, holder for pin etc. (on the strips)
  • 1 x threaded insert for fixing screw (on square timber)

Of course, the wood should be made of hard wood as possible.

Self-construction of the strike dimension

Milling tongue and groove

The two hardwood slats must be mutually displaceable. For this purpose, both are milled with tongue and groove. For this, it is best to use a router with the appropriate milling cutters. Both strips must be flush with each other at height.

Cut and file a cutout

Now a rectangular cut is made in the squared timber. For this, the corners are pre-drilled with wood drills, then the jigsaw is used. Better the rectangle is cut a little too small, then the slight overhang can be filed with a file exactly to measure.

Prepare accessories such as ruler and thread

In the strips can now be milled a flattening with the dimensions of the ruler so that it is at least flush with the slide. Now drill the holes for the threads and insert the metal threads. The ruler must of course be set to match the later used scriber.

Tips & Tricks

In principle, you can also create a coating gauge on the same principle of metal or insert a holder for a pen (marker, masonry pencil, chalk, etc.) instead of a scriber. This means that you can build the coating dimension yourself according to your individual needs.

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