The painting of a non-woven wallpaper

For many years wallpaper was completely out of fashion. This was probably also due to the fact that the fastening techniques with glue as well as the wallpaper material itself were no longer up-to-date. With the non-woven wallpaper then came a rethink. The non-woven wallpaper has so many advantages that it quickly became popular. However, a non-woven wallpaper may not always be the same as a new tenant, or it simply does not feel like it after a few years. Then many do-it-yourselfers wonder if they can also paint non-woven wallpaper.

Because of the advantages, the non-woven wallpaper has spread so enormously

Non-woven wallpapers offer numerous advantages. One of the most important: the carrier layer consists of an elastic cellulose-textile fiber mixture. As a result, cracks in the plaster can be successfully covered. At the same time, the carrier layer is permeable. In addition, the non-woven wallpaper does not deform, because instead of paste a special non-woven adhesive is used for wallpapering. The carrier layer can then be coated differently.

  • with plastic (PVC)
  • with color prints
  • with and without relief patterns and structures (depressions)
  • in primers

Paint a non-woven wallpaper

This then gives rise to the possibilities of painting a non-woven wallpaper. Basically, the painting of non-woven wallpaper is possible. However, it reaches its limits in certain coatings. If necessary, it makes sense to consult a specialist who will give you information about the coating of non-woven wallpaper.

The quality of the paint for a non-woven wallpaper

If your non-woven wallpaper can easily be painted, the actual color of the wallpaper is the focus. For particularly dark wallpaper colors, it is difficult to paint in light shades. However, to get a good score, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

  • Use only high quality paint with enough color pigments
  • It may be necessary to paint a non-woven wallpaper up to four times until the paint covers

Decisive, however, is above all the high-quality wall paint. Only such colors have enough opacity to cover even dark shades and patterns.

The texture and texture of the wallpaper

Now comes the structure of the wallpaper. If the relief (raised or with depressions) executed, it may be that you get the wallpaper color covered in the first or second strike pass, only the structure is then still visible.

Layer structure with wall paint

Also in this case you have to paint the non-woven wallpaper several times. With each stroke, put a new coat of paint on the wallpaper. These color layers then fill the wells with time. However, it is also true here that you will not achieve sufficient layer thickness with inferior color to completely cover the wallpaper structures. So even in this case, the choice falls on a high quality wall paint.

Suitable colors for painting a non-woven wallpaper

Basically, you can then use all the colors you would also use for other wallpapers. Of course, most common is emulsion wall paint.

Tips & Tricks

If you think you will not get a satisfying scratch on your non-woven wallpaper: non-woven wallpaper is very easy to peel off as the backing layer is more resistant than the nonwoven adhesive. That means you can peel off non-woven wallpapers in one piece. However, this only makes sense if the wall underneath is in order (no cracks in the plaster that should be covered).

In principle, you can also apply plaster on non-woven wallpaper. However, here again, you must first clarify what materials make up the surface of the wallpaper.

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