Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling

Mount stretch ceilings yourself

A relatively new trend in ceiling design Suspended ceiling, The taut ceiling cloths look noble, are pretty easy To install and are much more tear resistant and robust than you think. In various tests, adult men have laid themselves down on half-fitted stretch ceilings without being torn off. For safety reasons, however, we recommend that you do not try this test yourself. The stretch ceiling is also known under the name Foliendecke or Lichtdecke. Mirrored stretch ceilings, which visually enlarge the space through their reflections, are particularly popular. A stretch ceiling is handy can be mounted at any room height and even in unusual room layouts, They cover unsightly ceiling surfaces or old-fashioned wooden ceilings, without having to remove them beforehand. Anyone can do the stretch ceiling installation himself.

If you live for many years in the same house, or move into an old building, a ceiling renovation is sometimes inevitable. Not only does the material weaken with time, but also your own taste changes. Old styrofoam and wooden ceilings, that were more than twenty years ago in fashion or grosser ceiling plasterthat can not be deleted can be annoying in the long term. A relatively cheap and almost dirt-free way to make old ceilings disappear stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings are made of a textile knit that is free of harmful substances. Some manufacturers give a ten-year warranty on the material. Installation of the ceiling is very easy and fast completed, even if you do without fitters. The edge strips, in which the cloth is incorporated, are mounted on the walls all around without much effort. Annoying furniture back and Abklebearbeiten eliminated. Depending on the effort, up to one floor can be provided with new ceilings within one day.

Fit stretch ceiling

No matter which brand you choose, the Mounting a stretch ceiling usually differs only marginally. First, some strips are screwed to the walls a few centimeters below the old ceiling (sometimes under the ceiling). Before the cloth is clamped into the strip, ceiling lamps and other objects are removed under the ceiling and, if necessary, cables, transformers and luminaires are laid for the new lighting, which can then be easily integrated into the stretch ceiling. Care must be taken to ensure that the lamps are suitable for installation in stretch ceilings and that all safety regulations, such as adequate ventilation, are observed.

Then according to the assembly instructions the Fitted Sheet incorporated circumferentially in the terminal strips. Most stretch ceilings can be pressed into the clamp with a rounded metal spatula or similar. It is necessary to work as evenly as possible. At least one helper is advisable, but the assembly can be very fiddly, because there is no one to hold the cloth on if necessary to tension.

Some stretch ceilings are stretched directly taut, others must be shrunk after hanging slightly loose with a Heißluftföhn. Due to the shrinkage, the material contracts and becomes absolutely smooth and tight. It must be worked very carefully and the temperature limits must not be exceeded in any case, in order not to destroy the material.

Finally, the previously mounted spots are installed. For this purpose, the cloth is slightly pushed up to make out the lights. The material is cut in or cut in the right place, crosswise or along the contours of the spot. The lamp is going through the flexible material pulled through to the outside, the cap is unscrewed and screwed on again after putting on the cloth over the lamp thread from below. Depending on the type of lamp, the installation may vary slightly, but is usually not a problem.

Paint ceilings as mirrored ceilings: from stylish to exciting

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: stretch

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: ceilings

Paint Suspended Ceiling transform a bedroom into an island of rest and relaxation within a few hours. From elegant matt white up to glossy black, they offer countless possibilities for creative ceiling design. It is easy to integrate recessed spotlights or exclusive ceiling lights in the ceiling. Particularly effective is a starry sky from Swarovski crystals. The integration of existing lights is possible. In this way, you can create cozy moods and create bedrooms with feel-good character.

Let there be light!

Dark, unfashionable wooden ceilings are perfectly laminated with stretch ceilings. Ripping out the paneled wooden ceilings would have been a difficult and, above all, very dirty job! This matte-white ceiling was assembled in a matter of hours, and apart from one Handful of drilling dust There was no dirt during assembly. The furniture did not even have to be cleared out. The easy-care "ceiling-under-ceiling-system" is suitable for both new and old buildings. Old wooden ceilings, unsightly wiring or bumps can be perfectly concealed with the lacquered ceilings.

Combine stretch ceilings with light ceilings

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: ceiling

Light is the regulator of our well-being. A brilliant idea to effectively showcase spaces is this Composition of shiny tension and light ceilingthat transforms the living room into a lounge. The reflection visually enlarges every room - an impression that can not be achieved with other materials. The ceiling lights are the perfect combination of maximum function and minimal dominance: light instead of lights. There are several completely coordinated systems and solutions; variable profiles and connecting parts enable the construction of illuminated ceilings in every conceivable form. The secret lies in the translucent diffuser film which immerse every room in a uniform light and also noticeably raise the mood through their style factor.

Special bulbs behind the ceiling ensure a uniform, flat illumination, The illuminated area is visible - but not the single light source behind it. The daylight-like quality of the backlighting unconsciously conveys a natural sense of well-being to those present in the room. Ceilings are a permanent enhancement of any property, as they are subject in their reduced design language neither design trends nor lighting modes. The dimensional stability of the material contributes to the fact that the value of the ceiling is still the same even after years. These easy-care made-to-measure blankets are quality products that are manufactured in Swiss precision work. Whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room or for attic rooms.

Buy lamps for ceiling lights

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: ceiling

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: ceiling

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: ceiling

Oval light ceiling

The combination of high-gloss black stretch ceiling and oval light ceiling by Ciling gives this bathroom that certain something. The whole room looks stylish and noble. The daylight-like quality of the backlighting unconsciously conveys a natural sense of well-being to those present in the room.

Lighting solution for the kitchen ceiling

A tailor-made lighting solution for the ceiling: This kitchen looks extremely bright and inviting thanks to the combination of a high-gloss stretch ceiling with a Ciling ceiling. Special bulbs behind the illuminated ceiling foil ensure uniform and even illumination.

Fresco painting on stretch ceilings

Frescoes have always been considered the most beautiful form of wall decoration. It is not without reason that they were often referred to as the "art of kings". Dreamworlds has reinvented this art with frescography technology. Similar to a lithography, a printing technique is used in the frescography. In contrast to lithography, however, every frescography is a unique piece that is designed according to the wishes of the customer and, thanks to the perfect adaptation to the respective room architecture, looks like a mural painted directly on the wall.

Trompe l'oeil for the living room

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: ceilings

Forbes chose Rainer Maria Latzke as the most influential artist of the decade. (Photo: mso / Photo: Dreamworlds / Baumann stretch ceilings)

The masterful frescography motifs come from the studio of Rainer Maria Latzke, the most important artist in the field of Trompe l'oeil and mural painting of the present. Forbes magazine voted it the most influential artist of the decade, with European and American media calling it the "Michelangelo of the Modern Age". Absolutely flat, clean and precise, without dirt development, the specialist assembles the textile covering from one day to the next. And the unique feature: every stretched ceiling bears the signature of Rainer Maria Latzke.

works by Latzke Located in public and private buildings around the world, including the Vienna City Hall, Royal Palace of the United Arab Emirates and luxury hotels such as the Ciraghan Palace in Istanbul. The Dreamworlds archive has over 45,000 frescoes and individual decors on the world's largest collection of everlasting masterpieces of wall decoration. Customers can now access this unique archive of Baumann stretch ceilings and put together a wall or ceiling cover with the artist's motifs and bring them to their home at a fraction of the cost. The assembly of such a printed Textile stretch ceiling can be up to a width of 5.10 meters and no restriction in length, seamless and without substructure.

With a stretch ceiling to conjure the space to the nursery ceiling

Stretch ceilings - modernize the ceiling with a stretch ceiling: stretch

Starry sky on the ceiling in the nursery - with light effects mso / Photo: Baumann Stretch ceilings

"The space - infinite worlds. It's the year 2200. These are the adventures of the spaceship Enterprise... "Which children do not dream of exciting adventures in space, distant planets and extraterrestrial beings. What can be more beautiful than your own universe in the nursery? This is possible, for example, with the Stretch Ceiling System by Clipso, a textile, allergy-free and odorless polyester stretch cover that is coated with polyurethane. Atmospheric as the starry firmament, the stretch ceiling appears with the sophisticated fiber optic technology. 0.5 millimeter thin fibers guide the light of a source of illumination below the ceiling and draw so much fine lighting points.

A bundle of glass fibers can impressively convey the appearance of a starry sky. Of course, "Captain Kirk" can freely decide which galaxies he invades, which no one has ever seen before... Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in the nursery Ceilings and walls are completely seamless and seamless. Absolutely level, clean and precise without dirt development, the specialist assembles the textile stretch ceilings from one day to the next. The textile ceiling and wall solution It can be customized for each room, rounding and other geometric shapes are no problem for the experienced professional.

The assembly of the textile tension ceiling can up to a width of 5.10 meters and no restriction in length made seamless and without substructure. Grinding, filling and painting are a thing of the past. Many different shades, such as Champagne, Blue, Green or Black and, of course, White are available by default. Using digital printing, any conceivable motif can also be printed on the stretch ceiling.

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