Build wooden staircase stairs yourself - the manual

In terms of construction, the wooden staircase staircase is the kind of staircase that a do-it-yourselfer can make relatively easily himself. Also, the calculation of the stringers staircase is easy to implement. These stairs are even very inexpensive, depending on the type of wood. In the step by step instructions we show you the construction of a wooden staircase staircase.

Step by step build wooden staircase ladder

  • wood cheeks
  • construction timber
  • wooden steps
  • battens
  • screw
  • Handkreissäge
  • drilling machine
  • Holzbohrer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • screwdriver
  • ruler
  • metal brackets
  • pencil

1. Calculate and shop

Of course, you need two cheeks for a simple stringer staircase. How long they have to be tells you their calculation, the instructions are here. The result then also the number of stages and their depth.

2. Cut cheeks

The cheeks must be cut up and down so that they fit cleanly on the wall and floor. The cheeks are additionally connected at the top and bottom with construction timbers at the back. Their width must correspond to the width of the steps plus the wall thickness of the two cheeks. These two woods are simply screwed on, but should be pre-drilled.

3. Cut steps and slats

The slats are under the steps and should be approximately equal to each other. The steps are best cut right at the beginning of the work to the appropriate length.

4. Screw on slats

The short battens must also be pre-drilled so that the wood does not break when screwing. You should also do this work in a corridor for all slats. It is best if you drill two horizontal holes for the cheeks and two vertical holes for the steps everywhere.

5. Set up steps

So that the steps do not squeak so easily later, you can apply a strip of colorless silicone on the slats. Then the steps are bolted from below through the lath pieces.

Tips & Tricks

The entire staircase becomes even more stable if you put wooden dowels in addition to the screwed connections. However, drilling the appropriate holes is not for everyone. Today there is a slightly simpler version with so-called Lamellos, for which only an oval slot must be milled.

Video Board: Building Basic Stair Stringers