Striped linoleum creates a wood-like look

The world's three linoleum manufacturers Armstrong, Forbo and Tarkett continue to develop Linoleum's manufacturing technologies. For a few years, they have been able to give the linoleum a striped texture that is close to the wood. As a click parquet it is a decorative alternative.

Striped linoleum resembles wood

For a long time only plain and marbled surfaces were made of linoleum. Some marbled surfaces, especially in common wood colors such as light and dark brown, developed a "woody" look, which can not be described as actual wood look.

Since the opportunity to bring striped structures into the linoleum, the manufacturers are producing multi-layer parquet with a linoleum coating. The skillful use of the stripes can give the tongue and groove panels a wood-like look without being able to imitate concrete types of wood. Only the colors correspond to actual types of wood.

"Real" wood look is made of PVC or vinyl

If linoleum is offered in a wood look that depicts, for example, grains or knotholes, it is a plastic product made of vinyl or PVC, which is referred to by the generic term linoleum. This click parquet comes close to the laminate, which also has a plastic surface and imitates a wood look.

Click-parquet with plastic or linoleum surfaces have the advantage of having a low construction depth, usually ten millimeters, and still bring along sound-absorbing properties. The difference is that the click-flooring of laminate distinguishes itself, which often has a high impact sound development and must be provided with impact sound insulation.

Linoleum made of plastic is very cheap

Linoleum in wood look with Klicktechnik costs with a striped Linoleumnutzschicht from 15 euros per square meter, with a plastic cover layer, the square meter is already available under five euros.

Tips & Tricks

If you opt for a striped linoleum based on click-on panels, you can find linoleum at individual suppliers, whose special ingredients give it a coarse surface texture, making it even closer to the wood look.

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