Structured water - what does that mean and how is it made?

Structured water is often referred to as "animated", "energized" or "informed" water. What this is all about, what science means, and which fact may make the explanation seem plausible, is highlighted in detail in this article.

Properties of structured water

Esoterics believe that water contains a certain amount of "life energy" and also a "memory".

Homeopathy, too, makes use of the memory of water when in homeopathic dilution only the "memory" of previously contained molecules is present. The water then causes exactly the opposite of the substance itself, based on the memory of the existing substance.

By esoteric view, our tap water is depleted of energy and its natural memory erased. This is a consequence of:

  • pumping at high pressure,
  • long standing in dark lines
  • the chemical changes and additives

When water is restructured, it regains its original power of life and healing. It can then also be charged with positive energy - for example, by symbols attached to the water tank.

Scientific opinions

The homeopathic mode of action was recently scientifically proven by physicists in a single experiment on water lilies. Further conclusions and an explanation of the mode of action are yet to come.

The cluster theory of water states that H2O molecules do not move completely freely in the water, but repeatedly assemble into larger units. These units are held together by hydrogen bonds.

However, they are not permanent, but only exist for tiny fractions of seconds before new connections and structures form again. The clusters seem to form randomly. A permanent "structuring" of the water is physically unobservable and unthinkable.


Actual studies on the effects of invigorated water on disease states, the mental state or the performance of the body does not exist so far. Only subjective experiences are reported that are not very meaningful.

The largest manufacturer of revitalized water, Johann Grander, claims that Jesus Christ appeared to him and that he could therefore revitalize water. Numerous lawsuits against the company, which makes millions of sales, failed because there was never any direct impact promises, but only "user reports" were published. However, a New Zealand court recently fined the company a € 72,000 fine for misleading consumers.

Possible explanation

Presumably throughout the history of mankind, the belief in "hallowed" or curative water, which absorbs, stores and passes on special divine information. Even the Christian churches have "holy water" until today as an integral part of their rites.

In many very old traditions of the "holy water" could probably be a grain of truth, at least as regards the possible "information" of the water. Or the modern variant is a revival of an already very old superstition in the technical world.

Tips & Tricks

Since informing water - such as a quartz crystal or swirling it - does not lead to harmful changes to the water, if you pay attention to sterility, an attempt and your own judgment can not hurt.

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