A stylish staircase design for the old building

An old building always has a certain nostalgic flair, which will not completely disappear even with the use of modern design elements. If you want to make your staircase in the old building particularly beautiful, first stands for the question: how modern should it be? Or the other way around: How much nostalgia should I get? We recommend: Underline the historical character of the space in a modern way.

Windows and lighting: the right style for your old building

Most old buildings have relatively generous staircases that provide space for a lot of window space. However, the size of the windows does not always meet the modern requirements, often there is a need for improvement.

In order to maintain the historical character of the staircase even with new windows, it is advisable to use partly lead-glazed windows or to decorate some of the windows with corresponding paintings. Even glued sprouts emphasize the old building atmosphere.

Beautiful vintage lamps fit wonderfully in the old-style staircase, for example lamps that have a candle-holder-like shape and are lined up along the staircase wall. The currently popular shabby-chic style has also seized the lamp sector.

Staircase design to beautify the old building

In addition to the windows and lamps, there are many more design possibilities for your historic staircase. Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • a beautiful vintage armchair on the landing
  • plus a floor lamp in retro style
  • paint the risers with ornaments or fonts
  • Dress the stairs with solid wood
  • replace a damaged handrail with a rustic rope
  • Textile wall hangings for more comfort
  • old paintings or embroidery for the wall
  • a colorful mixture of historical plates as a wall decoration
  • design a stair runner in a retro look

Watch out for a listed staircase!

Do you own a listed staircase? Ask the Department of Monuments before you intervene in any way in the building material or change the historic character sustainable.

In case of emergency, you face penalties! Reversible decorative elements, by contrast, are allowed, they do not cause lasting change. So you can still perform an individual staircase design without conflicting with the Office.

Tips & Tricks

Trimmed steps can be renewed by doubling with solid wood panels!

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