Process Styrodur as a single tile

The insulation material Styrodur is used in an infinite number of structural conditions and situations. Especially when retrofitted indoors, the material in tile form is easy to adapt. The manufacturer BASF offers them in five different versions. The characteristic brand and product color is green.

Application and use types

Tiles made of hard foam Styrodur, unlike the related soft styrofoam, made of hardened elements. Despite their very low dead weight, they can be processed like conventional tiles.

Styrodur tiles can be installed on one-sided surfaces. Double-sided embedding in a glass fiber-reinforced special mortar is also a common way of processing.

The hard foam tiles to be mounted on each other are sealed with a liquid sealant. In wet rooms, such as bathrooms, they seal off moisture and cold without rotting.

Properties when cutting and dams

The light and rigid tiles are easy to cut. The cutting wire has proven to be a simple and precise tool. With it also rounded edges and cutouts can be implemented cleanly and quickly. The wire is heated and passed through the tile.

When attaching Styrodur, placement within masonry walls or under façade or wall cladding can also be selected. With a core insulation, however, it should be noted that the tightness without diffusion. Styrodur closes and seals masonry. When used, the entire insulation concept must be designed for avoiding possible "sweating" and condensation. On solid and heavy masonry, a film must be pulled in as a vapor barrier. The tiles can not rot, but mold growth on the surfaces and adjacent masonry is possible.

Material and material properties

  • Styrodur comes in five finishes with smooth or waffle-shaped surfaces
  • For walls slightly foamed models suffice
  • For use under floor coverings, denser foamed tiles are available
  • For insulation applications with earth contact the suitable tile must be selected
  • A tile weighs between 0.8 and 1.2 kilograms, depending on its thickness
  • The standard dimensions of the tiles are 1.265 by 0.615 meters on smooth surfaces
  • The standard dimensions of the corrugated tiles is 1.25 by 0.60 meters

Tips & Tricks

If you need Styrodur, you can easily use mechanically undamaged material.

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