Stick Styrodur to wood

The modesty that Styrodur has over adhesives allows for optimal selection when glued to wood. The biggest variable in this material combination is the absorption behavior of the wood surface involved. Before gluing a primer should possibly reduce the suction power or even cancel.

Texture and condition of the wood

In connection with wood, there is always the choice between screwing or gluing. If Styrodur is to be fixed on smaller or frequently interrupted surfaces, gluing is easier and provides a secure hold.

A good bond can be created with almost any glue that is "tolerated" by Styrodur. The more important selection criterion is the quality of the wood. Basic requirements are:

  • dryness
  • dustlessness
  • flatness
  • smoothness
  • Uniform suction behavior
  • Free of paint residues

Long drying times for wood adhesives and glues

When choosing the right adhesive, particular attention should be paid to its shrinkage properties and viscosity. Although suboptimal adhesive allows the attachment of the Styrodur, but may lose some or all adhesive force during the drying process.

Wood glue takes a long time to dry, but is well adjusted to the specific properties of open wood surfaces. In general, higher drying times must be expected when using wood-bonding adhesives. While moisture can escape in both directions on sticky sides of the wood, the non-existent diffusivity of Styrodur blocks half of the way to escape.

Further selection criteria for adhesives

Epoxy and polyurethane adhesives are also suitable for bonding Styrodur to wood. So-called construction adhesives are being replaced by adhesive mortar for reasons of cost in areas of several square meters. Very absorbent wooden surfaces can be primed to reduce the suction power. Silicone adhesives are less suitable because of their rubbery consistency.

When Styrodur is glued to wood in living and living areas indoors, both the primer and the adhesive require evaporation. Even if special adhesives and wood glues are free from solvents, they can develop foul-smelling and harmful vapors.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to achieve an increased holding force between Styrodur and wood, you can choose ribbed "waffle plates" and also provide the wood surface with ground grooves.

Product Image: ArtMari / Shutterstock

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