Paint styrodur with solvent-free paint

When the surfaces of Styrodur are provided with paint, solvent-free products are usable. When painting, the color decides the result in coverage and uniformity. Acrylic and latex paints form an airtight skin that should not be created in all cases. Dispersion paints diffuse but cover worse.

Diffusion is an important decision criterion

Polystyrene rigid foam absorbs paint in a moderate amount, unlike the similar polystyrene foam. Both brushing and painting can be achieved by a sufficient number of layers of color good coverage.

Undiluted water-based paints create more effort than diffusing color grades for diffusibility. For constructional reasons, diffusing colors are indispensable in some cases.

  • Exterior walls are often subject to large temperature fluctuations and begin to sweat quickly under a closed coat of paint.
  • In rooms with high levels of humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens, condensation can also form under the paint layer.
  • Ascending masonry moisture, especially on the ground floor near perimeter insulation, can be undesirably "mitgedämmt".

Use thick and strongly covering colors

The surfaces of Styrodur can only be painted directly and without sanding. Therefore, film formation, adhesion and adhesiveness of the ink, and viscosity are critically important. At the same time, it should be noted that tempering lacquers and other thick-layered paints should not be prone to cracking, since rigid foam insulation reacts with heat when expanded.

In order to obtain good opacity for moderate financial means, pure or only very slightly diluted tinting colors are suitable. A more expensive version, which is much easier and faster to implement, are water-based spray paints. They also prevent the formation of coating traces of paint-like colors with acrylic and latex.

With diluted wood glue, a kind of primer can be applied. He is brushed up with a brush and helps dry, to carry the color. In general, a film-forming spray adhesive can fulfill this task. The manufacturer of Styrodur gives in the accompanying documents information on the compatibility of paints.

Tips & Tricks

After a brush and roller cleaning, make sure that you have washed out all solvent residues with water, even inside the bristles. Every little remnant threatens the Styrodur in its substance.

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