Stick wooden polystyrene boards and what you should pay attention to

Styrofoam and wood are not exactly materials created for each other because they have completely different properties. Nevertheless, polystyrene panels are ideal for thermal insulation and also for sound insulation. Can the materials be well combined?

Styrofoam plates and wood join together

Wood is a natural substance that is used in many ways in construction. The material of which polystyrene panels are made is a completely artificial material made of polymer plastic, which is very different in its properties from the natural building material wood. Sticking polystyrene panels to wood causes some problems, including:

  • The moisture released by many adhesives can only migrate into the wood.
  • Wood and Styrofoam react differently to temperature differences.
  • By migrating the moisture into the wood, the adhesive effect can be reduced.

These are just a few of the problems that can arise when gluing polystyrene panels to natural materials such as wood.

It depends essentially on the processing conditions

There are many things involved when sticking polystyrene boards to wood. An important factor is the current load situation. The type of wood used and the pretreatment as well as the residual moisture also play an important role. Furthermore, it is the surface quality of the wood used, on which the subsequent quality of the connection of the two different materials depends. Often you can only try out which adhesive technology and which adhesive work best. On large areas, for example, adhesive foam can be used. However, it should be a solvent-free adhesive.

Also think about alternatives

As an alternative to polystyrene panels, it is also possible to use natural insulation materials such as flax fibers or mineral insulating materials. These substances have the advantage that the wood can continue to breathe. Styrofoam plates always mean a kind of hermetic conclusion. Wood panels treated with this material are virtually completely insulated. If you want to use an adhesive to bond polystyrene panels to wood, you can pre-treat the material to reduce the absorption rate of the wood. By a primer, for example, creates a kind of adhesive bridge for the adhesive so that it does not completely penetrate into the wood and thereby loses its adhesive power.

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