Cut polystyrene before disposal

Most construction yards and refuse collection points require disposal during disposal, which is to be shredded Styrofoam before delivery. What can be done fairly well with individual packaging forms becomes a problem with larger quantities. Garden shredders are usually not suitable because electrostatic charge and elasticity clog the chipper.

Cutting units of shredders

Styrofoam can only be chopped up consuming. During chaffing, shredding and rasping, the foamed polystyrene develops electrostatic charge, which blocks and destroys almost every grinder on a garden machine. Therefore, most equipment lenders are not allowed to chop up polystyrene.

At a few rental companies shredders are on offer, with which even polystyrene can be crushed and allowed. The cutting units are of crucial importance here:

  • Knife cutters can be used in large versions
  • Roll choppers squeeze the Styrofoam slowly, but do not crush it
  • Spindle choppers often clog up in polystyrene
  • Hammer works smash with brute force also Styrofoam

A good shredder, which also tolerates Styrofoam, costs as a new device from about 1000 euros.

Working with cutting tools

If you do not find a lender nearby or if you do not want to buy a chipper for a one-time action, you can make handwork a little easier. Almost all equipment distributors, which include home improvement stores, offer insulation cutters. Manual cutting tools in pistol or lance form work with hot cutting blades.

These devices can be borrowed from about twenty euros per day. They facilitate the comminution of Styrofoam without processing it into loose bulk material. In order to prepare the Styrofoam for recycling without any problem, a cutting device at least helps to cut smaller parts.

With a bit of luck, special crushing machines can be found in farms with a high amount of polystyrene. Companies in logistics, gardening and landscaping and packaging manufacturers are eligible. The inquiry costs nothing and against a nice contribution in the coffee or beer cash may also shred a private person a few hours.

Tips & Tricks

The disposal costs for Styrofoam and Styrodur depend on whether you deliver virgin material. Remove any foreign matter such as glue residue and paint. If this is not possible, separate varietal Styrofoam from contaminated stocks. How to reduce the total cost.

Product Image: Pavel Kubarkov / Shutterstock

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