Cut polystyrene round with a wire cutter

Styrofoam can be cut well with a hot wire cutting machine. A vertical cutting wire with a horizontal cutting table makes it possible to "screw in" the Styrofoam according to the cutting form. To avoid slippage and inaccuracies, auxiliary templates can provide additional help.

Construct bracket and work surface

A Heizdrahtschneidemaschine consists of a bracket in a U-shape, at the ends of a wire is clamped. This wire is heated by power supply. The handle of a jigsaw provides the best conditions to build a hand or table cutter. To make precise and stable cuts in both round and square shape, a table construction is recommended.

On the horizontal bar a worktop, for example, from a wooden board is placed at the bottom end of the temple. The bracket and the plate can be fixed with adhesive strips. If the overall construction is fastened to a table or a work belt with screw clamps, a stable cutting area is created. For a longer wire, the hanger of a metal hacksaw can be used.

How to cut Styrofoam round

  • Styrofoam workpiece
  • electricity
  • Stable cardboard
  • Heizdrahtschneidegerät
  • scissors
  • Felt pen or marker
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • compasses
  • pins

1. Mark

On the workpiece, mark the start and end points of the cutting line with a felt-tip pen or marker. For uneven curves, you need to cut an exact template with no landmarks.

2. Prepare cardboard

Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard in the width that fits exactly between the two points. Measure the width and halve the value to find the radius.

3. Make a template

Set the compass to this dimension and make a circle on the cardboard from the center. Then cut out the disc.

4. Place template

Place the disc template on the styrofoam so that both marked points lie on the circumferential line. Fix the template with a few pins.

5. Cutting

Put on the Styrofoam and cut with the wire to the first point. Then guide the Styrofoam along the edge of the template to the second point.

Tips & Tricks

Smaller curves with a small radius can also be performed by means of piercing drilling with a heated drill bit, for example, instead of with the cutting wire method.

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