Promotions for wood gasification boilers

Wood gasification boilers can already be worthwhile in operation, but there are also subsidies that will make the transition easier. Which subsidies apply to the wood gasification boiler, and which conditions apply, gives you a clear overview of this contribution.

Most important funding provider: BAFA

Among other things, the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) is promoting the conversion of old heating systems to modern, cost-effective biomass plants.

Since 2010, the subsidy can no longer be applied for new buildings, but only for existing buildings. The building must have already had a heating system as of 1 January 2009, but at least a building application or a construction advertisement must have been available at that deadline in order for the subsidy to be possible.

The basis for the subsidy continues to be that the boiler has a rated output of at least 5 kW but no more than 10 kW. The boiler must also have a buffer tank whose size is at least 55 l per kW of power.

The conditions briefly summarized again:

  • Building was already in 2009 and had a heating in operation or
  • there was at least one building notice or building application on 1.1.2009
  • Boiler capacity is between 5 and 100 kW
  • Cache is available
  • Size of the buffer tank at least 55 l per kW of power

Amount of basic funding from BAFA

The BAFA funding is divided into a basic part and combination funding. The basic subsidy amount for all firewood gasification boilers that meet the requirements is a lump sum. For all eligible boilers a lump sum of 1,400 EUR will be paid.

additional funding

In addition, there is either a combination bonus or an efficiency bonus.

efficiency Bonus

If the building is particularly energy efficient, an additional bonus will be granted. In terms of energy-efficient construction, BAFA sees above all effective thermal insulation and low heat losses in the building. The values ​​required by the EnEV (the maximum values ​​for existing buildings) must be undercut by at least 30 percent.

This can be proved with the energy certificate for the building. If there is still a hydraulic balancing and an adaptation of the heating curve to the building, the efficiency bonus can be claimed. The basic funding then increases to 1.5 times, ie from 1,400 EUR to 2,100 EUR flat rate.

combination bonus

If at the same time a solar thermal system is built, an additional 500 EUR can be claimed. The erection of both plants must be carried out at the same time, for the wood gasification plant the conditions of supply apply unchanged. The combination bonus can also be combined with the efficiency bonus if all prerequisites are met.

Innovation bonus does not apply to firewood carburetors

For firewood gasifier, the innovation bonus does not exist - it only applies to other biomass plants.

Other promotions for wood gasifier boilers

KfW also has a - though much less stringent - funding for the construction of a wood gasification boiler. It can either be promoted as a stand-alone measure or as part of an energy-related refurbishment if an Efficiency House standard emerges.

The individual federal states have some subsidies that can be used when converting to wood gasification boilers. Please ask your specialist company who knows the current funding opportunities in the respective region.

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