Make sugaring yourself

Sugaring yourself - vegan from sugar, lemon juice and water

Make sugaring yourself: sugar

Sugaring means hair removal with sugar paste. You can get these as a finished product, or you can do your own sugaring. That's not difficult at all and you know exactly what's inside. It's definitely worth a try. Not least, the homemade sugaring is significantly cheaper than a treatment or the finished product.

If you do not dare directly, you can have an initial treatment done by a professional and thus learn a lot about the procedure while watching it.

Enthaaren with sugar paste has been a tradition in the Orient for many centuries and is called there Halawa. Muslim devotees are advised to regularly depilate the armpits and the genital area, which is why the oriental bathhouses "Hamams" often offer this service. But also the "Brazilian Waxing", which has been established since the 90s, often uses sugar paste.

Contents: Sugaring make yourself

  • Pain in sugaring?
  • What does the sugaring consist of?
  • Preparation of sugaring
  • Step 1: Prepare the skin for the sugaring
  • Step 2: Apply Sugaring
  • Step 3: The aftertreatment
  • Durability of the Sugaring Earth
  • How often should you make a sugaring?

Pain in sugaring?

All epileptic procedures are painful, including the sugaring - at least the first time. However, it is less painful than the other procedures of this type.

Other advantages are that the hair does not break off during treatment and that the paste sticks less to the skin than wax. The hair should be about 5mm long for sugaring, removing longer hair is more painful. Shorter also possibly, since then must be reworked more often, because the hair sticks harder with the sugar mass.

What does the sugaring consist of?

If you want to make sugaring yourself, you can use three ingredients: sugar, lemon and water. The finished products may also contain other additives. The mixture is naturally antibacterial.

Mixing ratio - recipe:

  • 200 g of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 4 tablespoons of water

Preparation of sugaring

All ingredients are placed in a coated pot or pan and brought to a boil while stirring.

Then turn down the heat and continue to simmer. Continue to stir constantly.

When the mass is golden yellow, the first test can be made to the right consistency. Put a very small droplet on a plate and let it cool. If it is still too liquid, continue to simmer.

Make sugaring yourself: sugar

Mix all ingredients in a pot.

Make sugaring yourself: make

Sugar paste is ready but too hot.

Make sugaring yourself: make

The sugar mass is ready.

Step 1: Prepare the skin for the sugaring

The skin should be cleansed, so apply after showering, for example. In addition, the skin must be fat-free, so do not use with oils or lotion enriched shower gel. Dry well. If you sweat slightly, you can powder the skin a little bit beforehand.

Step 2: Apply Sugaring

Make sugaring yourself: make

Apply in the direction of growth.

Make sugaring yourself: sugaring

Pull off in the direction of growth.

Make sugaring yourself: sugar

Enthusiastic result.

Make sugaring yourself: yourself

Hair is in the sugar paste.

Without fleece or fabric strips (Flicking)

With a wooden spatula or directly with your fingers (wear disposable gloves), the tough sugar paste is applied against the hair growth direction.

Then loosen a corner and tear it off in the direction of hair growth. Repeat this until the desired area is completely depilated.

If the paste solidifies too much, it can be heated in the microwave for a few seconds. Carefully test the temperature before the next application. Otherwise, kneading keeps the paste soft.

Sugaring with fleece or fabric strips

If you apply the paste a little less firmly, you can also apply non-woven strips or a fabric strip on it and peel it off together with the paste in the direction of growth of the hair. The consumption of sugar paste is thereby larger, but the handling is a bit easier.

Thank you very much to the brave gentleman who provided his leg for clearer results in Sugaring.


Liquid sugar is extremely hot and can lead to very serious burns. Please be very careful with everything. Use a wooden spoon to stir, as a metal spoon would get too hot. Avoid overspray, splash or spill. Skin contact may only be attempted after prolonged cooling. The paste should be only about 30 degrees warm in the application. A roasting thermometer is helpful. Keep away from children and pets.

Step 3: The aftertreatment

Any leftovers of the sugaring can simply be washed off with warm water. The skin can then be powdered.

Otherwise, the skin should recover for one day and be exposed to no additional stress. From the third day a regular exfoliation is recommended to prevent the ingrowth of the regrowing hair. Then regularly apply a body lotion or body oil.

Durability of the Sugaring Earth

The paste itself is long-lasting in the refrigerator and can easily be reheated in a water bath or microwave.

How often should you make a sugaring?

As soon as the hair is 5 mm long, the sugaring can be repeated. Depending on the individual hair growth, this is the case every 4 to 6 weeks. With each application, the treatment becomes less painful and the hair itself becomes less.

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