A suitable concrete foundation for the garden shed

To give a garden house permanent hold, a concrete foundation is the best possible attachment. Depending on the size and design, a point, stripe or full foundation can be selected. Important is the examination of a possible planning permission, whose conditions vary in the federal states.

Authorization also applies to the foundation

If you want to build a garden shed, you should first think about the extent of use, the size and the location. Garden houses of all sizes are subject to building regulations regarding the placement, especially at property boundaries. Here, inquiries should be made before the construction.

The size of the garden house determines whether a building permit has to be obtained. The rules are set individually in all states and affect both floor space and enclosed space. If a building permit is required, this also applies to the construction of the concrete foundation.

Full and point foundations

With regard to the use, it should be determined whether, for example, a dry enclosed interior is to be created, which speaks for the casting of a full foundation. Here, the entire structure of a concrete floor must be planned.

For open garden sheds and pavilions usually point or strip foundations are sufficient, bear the support beams and / or fence and wall elements. Garden house kits, which have an integrated wooden floor, are usually designed so that four point foundations ensure a secure footing.

Force and strip foundations

When choosing the right concrete foundation, the biophysical task should be evaluated. The foundation distributes the pressure generated by the garden shed weight as evenly as possible into the ground. In addition, lateral tensile and torsional forces have to be considered, as they can occur due to wind, precipitation and building material.

Support beams divert the forces of individual carrying garden house parts such as poles. Walls and doors "float" in between, providing lateral forces. While light wood constructions can be well maintained, heavier components such as large laminated glass panes are at risk of "tearing". The roof must rest on the supporting parts in the case of point foundations.

Strip foundations are usually used as a foundation for all walls of the garden shed. In this construction, the weight is distributed to all walls and laterally acting forces are stabilized in the direction of the walls.

Tips & Tricks

Apply any foundation of any kind, frost-proof. This requires a minimum depth of forty centimeters and a gravel or grit foundation under the concrete.

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