Use a suitable cordless screwdriver correctly

The cordless screwdriver also owes its attractiveness to its easy, for most users intuitive usability. When using it, there are some tips and tricks to facilitate the use and to get lasting fun on the device. When selecting a machine, it should be taken into account whether drilling is planned in addition to screws.

Four functional types available

The scope of tasks that the cordless screwdriver should do determines the correct type of device design. When purchasing, however, it should be kept in mind that each device has technical limitations. A cordless drill with a drill function can not replace a "real" drill and should only be considered an occasional aid. The four types are divided as follows:

Cordless Screwdriver

Designed only as a screwdriver and does not provide enough rotational speed to drill. Represents the cheapest device type.

Battery impact wrench

Also designed for bolting only, the unit has a lightweight impact mechanism that is strong enough for bolting in hard materials such as hardwood and metal.


First and foremost a screwdriver in which drills can be clamped. Only suitable for soft drilling materials such as plastics or softwood.

cordless combis

A combination device that can do everything a hammer drill can do, technically speaking. However, sufficient performance can only be obtained in the upper price segment.

Generally, cordless screwdrivers with a drill function as a chuck type have a quick-action chuck. The chuck sizes are usually limited because the engine and torque output is limited.

Bit coupling and screwing

For pure screwing, the use of a bit coupling can save the chuck from opening. Otherwise, the infinitely adjustable double-sided barrel helps to change the attachment on the cordless drill.

When putting on the slot profile of the screw head, the cordless screwdriver should always stand still. Only after slight pressure and precise slipping into the notches of the screwdriver is set in the slowest rotational speed in motion. Faster turning should only be done with sufficient experience with "sharp" screw profiles.

Tips & Tricks

If not included with the cordless screwdriver, create a second battery. Always plug it into the charging station while using the first battery, so that you can change the battery "on the fly" if necessary.