Choose suitable roof pitch for bricks

Roof tiles or roof tiles can be installed depending on the type only for certain roof pitches. Incorrect installation can cause rain and snow to enter. Which roof inclination, for which type of tile is suitable, we show in a small overview.

Steep roof pitch

A steep roof, with a slope of 45 to 60 degrees, can be covered by almost every roof tile. Therefore, usually only the minimum inclination of the roof is listed in the data sheets of the manufacturer.

So if you have a steep roof with a roof pitch of more than 60 degrees, the suitability of the special roof tile should be confirmed as a precaution in writing.

Choose suitable roof pitch for bricks: roof

Regular roof pitch - what is it?

With the rule roof pitch is meant the inclination, which is dictated by the manufacturer, so to speak, at least for the respective roof tile. If the roof tile is laid at a lower incline, rain or snow may penetrate the roof.

Here is a small selection of roof tiles

It is always specified by the manufacturer recommended rule roof pitch. Some manufacturers have also specified a minimum inclination, but in which special safety and tightness measures are required.

  • Sapphire Kartago - manufacturer Braas - from 22 degrees
  • Garnet 11V - manufacturer Braas - from 25 degrees
  • Agate 10 V - manufacturer Braas - from 22 degrees
  • Ergoldsbacher E58 SL - manufacturer Erlus AG - from 20 degrees
  • Ergoldsbacher large folding bricks - manufacturer Erlus AG - from 28 degrees
  • Rapido Falzziegel - manufacturer Creaton AG - from 16 degrees
  • Terra Optima - manufacturer Creaton AG - from 18 degrees

Tips & Tricks

If manufacturers offer roof tiles that can be installed at a particularly shallow pitch, be skeptical. Usually then a waterproof under-roof is required. This not only costs a lot, it also makes the roofing with natural roof tiles somehow pointless.

Be aware that the rooms under the roof are then stuck in a kind of plastic bag and that is exactly where this climate prevails, especially in summer.

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