Making summer animals and insects: ladybugs, bees and more

Making summer animals and insects: ladybugs, bees and more: insects

In summer you can hear the chirping of crickets everywhere and marvel at the bees. Many dragonflies and ladybugs are on their flight over the summer meadows on the way. The sun is shining and the colors are flickering. Everything seems almost magical.

How about taking the animals into the house by making them out of paper?

If you feel like making summer animals and insects, you will find below a collection of links to suitable crafting instructions.

We hope you enjoy crafting!

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Make butterflies

Butterflies are a popular motif for the summer decoration and so flutter colorful butterflies as a window picture, mobile or wall decoration through the living rooms. In this collection we have compiled templates and craft instructions for butterflies.

Making butterflies: Crafting template for butterfly

Tinker summer animals and insects

Amigurumi Bee "Gabriel"

Detailed instructions for a happy amigurumi bee

Crochet Amigurumi ladybird "Johanna"

You can crochet this cute ladybug with black sequins with a little practice yourself - Illustrated Amigurumi manual for advanced users

Dragonfly from clothespins

wooden. Make dragonflies yourself
at basteln.kidsaction

Make ladybugs

Ladybugs cast in a Toffifee box. Illustrated manual
at Dörtes Basteltipps

Lizzie Preston - "Dragon Flies" Coloring page

Dragonflies fly over flower patterns. Coloring picture for printing.
at Advocate Art

Ladybug costume for children (pattern)

A free sewing pattern as a PDF file for a ladybug costume for kids in size 74 and 86 made of red plush fabric and black felt. Short description as text.

Bee costume for children (pattern)

A free sewing pattern as PDF file for a children's costume in size 74 and 86 made of yellow plush fabric and black felt. Short description as text.

Ladybug hat for babies

Crochet pattern for an extremely cute ladybug baby hat. Detailed illustrated instructions.
at Repeat Crafter


Video tutorial on crocheting a ladybug from loom bands
at YouTube

stone Animals

Penguin, frog, duck and ladybug
at Fips' Bastelseiten

Coffee Can "Bee" Bird House

Make nest box for birds from old coffee can with lid and paint as a bee. Suitable for children from recycled materials.
at All Free Crafts

Tealight holder for the Easter table

Guides for various catwalks with spring and Easter motifs made of construction paper, such as chicks, rabbits, hens, ladybirds and flowers.
at Bastel-Tipps

Beehive greyhound

with a cord and bees from a pipe cleaner
at Bastelfrau

Make ladybug yourself

paint oval stone with acrylic paints colorful at craft ideas
at Bastelideen

Simple ladybug

made of cardboard and crumpled red and black tissue paper
at Bastelideen

Pompon Ladybug

make yourself a manual
at bastelideen

Colorful ladybugs

Make ladybugs out of paper and cardboard yourself.
at tasteln-gestalten

Colorful napkin holders

Make napkin holder as bunny or ladybug - with colorful artwork or for coloring.
by Coolkidz


as a pencil holder made of clay
at creadoo

Tinker different clay animals

and tinker many more clay animals
at creadoo

Funny clip-in

Ladybug, pig, cow and frog
at Creadoo

Turtle and ladybug

from crepe dumplings, with legs made of chenille tinker
at Creadoo

Earrings ladybug

Crafting instructions for ladybug earrings for children. So you make the jewelry from wooden beads and seed beads itself
at Kid's Action

Crocodile from green cones

Glue pine cones on cardboard with hot glue gun
at Kidsweb

Ladybugs fold

fold from paper, paint colorful and paint with dots
at Kiki's web


Make ladybugs out of colorful beads and sewing thread
at kikisweb

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Video Board: All About Insects for Children: Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Ants and Flies for Kids - FreeSchool