Control sun protection automatically

Control sun protection automatically: protection

With the help of sun protection techniques one ensures that at hIn some days the sun and thus the heate stay outside. Of course you can do that Also lower the blinds by hand, but only if you are at home.

Easier and more comfortable there is already an automatic sunscreen controlthat you can control so elegantly. Such a system will be perfect, although the usability and design will also fit.

As with the sun protection control from Wisotronic, which was awarded the world-renowned "iF product design award 2012".

Install sun protection system inconspicuously

The Wisotronic sun shading control from the German manufacturer Warema not only blends harmoniously into every style of living, it is also easy to operate.

The Modern design has a 3.5 inch color display and a glossy finish, which is available in different colors. So it fits perfectly into the living situation on every wall. In addition - and that's the main task - she takes care of it for energy efficiency and a pleasant indoor climate - and all controlled automatically.

The controller, which can be adapted to weather data

Depending on the weather conditions, the controller can control the inside and outside waremaAdjust sun protection automatically.

What's more, motorized windows can also be operated in this way. Is that coming Weather station multisense used, then the sunscreen can even be controlled according to the weather data.

This means that even in the absence of the residents of the sun protection for windows does what he should do. And there is an additional safety factor: at In strong winds, the sunshade retracts automatically and avoids storm damage.

Easy handling

The operation of the Sunscreen control is very easy and can be done with one touch of a finger - similar to an iPod. The controller can be put into operation in just a few steps, the menu is structured and enables fast navigation.

In addition, sensor wheel and sensor keys are available. The user has the choice whether he is the Manual operation or the integrated automatic function lets come to the course.

Excellent quality

In 1953, the "iF product design award" was awarded for the first time. Since then he is considered Design seal of quality and is with manufacturers and designers extremely popular all over the world.

It will be Products awarded the comfort, aesthetics and functionality unite and are particularly innovative. The award for serially produced products is awarded in 16 categories.

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