Sunflowers in the garden

Plant and care for sunflower

Sunflowers in the garden: sunflowers

The sunflower (Latin Helianthus annuus) just belongs in every summer garden - What is a summer without the big, bright sunflowers?

The bright yellow color of the radial petals and the big flower diameter of the sunflower not only puts us in summer moodbecause the plant is always surrounded by many insects that collect sunflower nectar in late summer.

The flower is blooming End of June until October.

Did you know that the Young flower heads during the day with the sun-walk from east to west rotate? The tissue of mature plants is solidified and the flower remains in its original position.

If you want to enjoy the lush blooms in midsummer, you should note some tips. We explain to you how you Plant and care for sunflowers properly.

The sunflower as a sunbather

The sunflowers not only turn towards the sun, they literally grow towards it. So can the fast-growing flowers in the field easily over three meters high, with optimal soil conditions and proper care, even five meters are not uncommon.

Each plant forms only a large flower, which is reminiscent of the sun in form and color.

In addition to these exceptionally high-growing sunflower varieties, there are also species that deliberately stay small and ideal for one Container planting on the balcony or the terrasse suitable.

Propagate and plant sunflowers

Sunflowers in the garden: garden

From sunflower seeds, seedlings in the pot can be preferred.

Approximately From March, there are sunflower seeds in different colors and sizes to buy in the specialized trade. If you have decided on a variety and color, you can also start planting.

Ideally you undress Sunflower seeds small seedlings in pots in front. Press the seeds 2-3 centimeters deep in potting soil and place the pot with several sunflower seeds in a sunny place.

Hold that Substrate moist and put the seedlings in mid-May, after the icy saints, into the open field. Sunflowers need here a sunny place with a rich and nutrient-rich soilthen they thrive best.

In addition, keep a planting distance of at least 50 centimeters between the young plants on.

tip: Do not sow the seeds too densely, otherwise you will have to laboriously transform the seedlings later on.

Sunflowers in the garden: seeds

On a south-facing wall, the sunflower is particularly protected.

Of course, you do not have to prefer the seeds indoors, the Sunflower seeds also germinate very well in the flowerbed.

An additional Bark mulch layer is then very good for covering the seedsbecause it is very nitrogen-rich and promotes plant growth.

The sowing should be at 7-8° C soil temperature in early April be made because frost does not tolerate the sunflowers so well. When planting the seeds should be at a distance of about 45 cm at a depth of 2.5 cm to have.

tip: Sunflower seeds from birdseed are often distributed by birds or squirrels in the garden. From these cores, of course, "wild sunflowers" can arise.

Maintain sunflowers properly

Sunflowers in the garden: sunflowers

Sunflowers can grow several meters high under optimal conditions.

Sunflowers are among the Heavy eaters, especially high-growing plants need many nutrients for healthy plant growth.

Therefore, offer your sunflowers in regular nitrogen-stressed fertilizer on. Brenesseljauche is preferable as an organic fertilizer to the chemical alternatives.

In addition, the required Sunflower a lot of water, On particularly warm days, the flower can also be watered twice, ideally in the morning and evening hours, so you avoid burning individual parts of plants in the blazing midday sun.

tip: Sunflowers form many roots and thus improve the soil. Plant your sunflowers next to the vegetable patch in mixed culture, for example, cabbage plants are an ideal neighbor.

Sunflowers improve the soil

Sunflowers in the garden: summer

Bees visit the sunflower and collect the precious nectar.

Having sunflowers in the garden is always something positive. Not only because she gives a summery flair with her sunny yellow color, but also because she has a special ability: she can do that Remove soil toxins.

Due to this fact, it is often used specifically as a cleaning plant. For example, she was already in planted with lead and radioactive soilto remove the harmful substances soil friendly.

In addition, the space-demanding roots relax Target the substrate and aerate it in this way, Many plants benefit from this behavior, so the sunflower is often used as a mixed culture in addition to vegetables.

Sunflowers as cut flowers

Sunflowers in the garden: summer

Sunflowers become the eye-catcher in every bright summer bouquet. But even as a single plant, the sunflower is gladly given away. Learn more about sunflower care as a houseplant.

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