Sun protection film for windows

Sunscreen: cool prospects with foil -more than just sunscreen.

Sun protection film for windows: film

(box) Montabaur - Sun protection foils are in many variations, colors and efficiencies offered. Of course, there are also in films, such as the "sunscreen", significant price and Qualtitätsunterschiede.

But how is that recognizable?... which is right for my needs? It just does not work without advice... let us advise you professionally. Describe your needs and what you expect from the film.

As a "layman" you can only be wrong when buying without consulting... and then you are dissatisfied with the slide you have acquired... One Trained specialist company will have a foil for you which also corresponds to your wishes.

"What would I like to achieve with the sun protection film" is therefore the most important question. High sun protection? A lot of light in the rooms? additional UV protection? Should glare be taken away? should not the film attract attention? Should she be mirrored?

The higher the Sunscreen the more light is given to the room Taken! But contrary to many opinions, space does not become "dark". It creates a pleasant glare-free light. A film with very high sun protection also has a reflection (reflection)... otherwise it does not work properly.

Today there are already very bright films that offer a very good sun protection and hardly take away light! The slides are hardly recognizable on the discs.

A very bright foil with one on the glass reduced radiation of approx. 50% and UV protection of more than 99% is exactly the right film for "a lot of light in the room".

Incidentally, the best sun protection films even create around 83% less radiation and 99% UV protection when installed outdoors. An enormous sunscreen... which of course costs some light. You can see: There is almost a foil for every need... you have to seek advice and express your wishes. Then you will be very satisfied with slides.

Internal or external laying of the film

Here is also often discussed and much misstated from ignorance the slides said. An eggInstallation is always preferable to an outdoor installation... if it is feasible for safety reasons of the glass. An inner liner has a much longer durability than an outer liner, for obvious reasons.

Outside film is constantly exposed to the weather. Also, an inner film is considerably cheaper than a special outer film. Durability of Inner foil min. Approx. 15 - 20 years without losing the foil seriously, Depending on the type of installation (vertical or roof glazing), an outer foil has a shelf life of approx. 10 - 12 years.

On skylights or "overhead glazing" and depending on the weather significantly less. Here should be be sure to pay attention to quality films So that not after about 3 years, a film is "leached". Especially for skylights, conservatory roofs, etc. There are special films that last much longer.

These "Kynar" films are made from fluorene and are extremely durable. The slides offer a lot high sun and UV protection and are also Teflon coated. This Teflon coating will drain any dirt and grime with the next rain.

The windows do not need to be cleaned any more... and they should not. Otherwise the Teflon coating would be destroyed. Should the Rain does not create the cleaning so a cumshot of the films is enough with a jet of water (garden hose).

When does a film have to be laid outside?

The newer glasses (younger than 10 years) are mostly made of double glass... filled with argon gas. This allows a coating of the discs from the inside with a film only for very small slices. (about 1 qmtr.Fensterfläche) Are the For safety reasons, you should use a special film on the outside to make the windows bigger embarrassed.

Under unfavorable conditions, high-absorbing foils (absorption of the foil = absorption of the sun's energy and transformation into heat) could otherwise lead to a stress crack in the glass. Highly absorbent Foils with approx. 40% to 50% and higher absorption, Not highly absorbent are below 40% to even below 30% absorption.

By the Absorption the disc space is heated and the glass expands... the higher the absorption the stronger the heat development in sunlight. This overheating of the space between the panes may lead to a crack in the glass. Especially dark foil (for example, black car foils must never on a window glass) develop a very large heat in sunlight.

Especially with skylights and "overhead glazing" you should have a use special outer foil... the angle of the disks to the sun leads to even higher stress. No inner foil with triple glazing... with existing sun protection glass! Completely harmless is a foil with single glazing. (There is no space between the panes).

On double-wall sheets (acrylic glass) no conventional foils may be laid... Plastic glass expands in the sun and contracts again, That would not take a "normal" slide long... she would break.

For double-wall sheets and plastic sheets there are special foils !!! Please ask. By the way, in the winter there are still some films, albeit small ones; additional insulation. Not to be forgotten is the splinter protection of the discs which is created by the film.

Can you lay the foil yourself?

Up to one certain disc size (small slices), it is quite if you're not awkward. For larger discs and special slides, it will be more difficult... there should the expert ran. There are a lot of rules and many other things to keep in mind when buying slides.

Therefore, you should definitely seek advice. A specialized company we will find an optimal solution for you with slides... where you can enjoy many, many years. The advantage of the film is its enormous sun and UV protection, the durability, the price, the processing, the maintenance-free and a view from the inside out is always given. Also, a film can be removed without residue from the disc again.

Foil on the window: sun protection makes summer mood

Sun protection film for windows: film

Sun protection makes summer mood

bbs / Cc. If you live on the sunny side and get plenty of daylight, feels good. But only, as long as the Summer sun not with full power on the window glass "Bangs" and ensures in the interiors for uncomfortable heat levels. Then it's over quickly with the feel-good atmosphere.

Even when working on the kitchen or on the PC too much sunlight can quickly cause annoyance, on the other hand you do not want to spend the days behind lowered blinds. Because Semi-darkness inside with a bright blue Sky outside - it does not have to be that way either.

With a transparent window protection such as the d-c-fix glass sunscreen (, all this can not happen. Even the mounting of the practical film makes summer mood. It is child's play: simple Remove the foil, attach to the cleaned window - that's it.

Now you can enjoy sunny days in the living and working areas. At a Translucency of 28 percent it stays pleasantly bright indoors.

In addition, the metallized surface of the film guarantees a Heat rejection of 68 percent - and thus a room climate in which one can live and work fatigue-free. And that the harmful UV radiation faded to 99 percent gets, also gets the interior: it bleaches less.

Information under Tel.: 06103 60920. (Source: Medienservice Berlin GmbH)

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