Sun protection assembly: Useful tips

Only the right windows give a house or apartment a stimulating flair. The higher the incidence of light in the living area, the friendlier your own four walls look. But in summer, when temperatures rise, the blessing of unfiltered sunlight can quickly become a curse. The heat penetrates into the rooms and leads to the unpleasant heat accumulation. At a high outside temperature then no more ventilation. It is important to prevent this with a suitable sunscreen.

A sunscreen slows down the incidence of light and contributes to the Room temperature, despite the great heat in the outdoor area pleasantly cool remains. It can serve as heat and glare protection. Many products are also visually appealing and offer not only practical benefits but also a decorative effect.

In new buildings, the Sunscreen specifically plannedBut with older buildings, retrofitting special fixtures is the only way. On the market there are various solutions for the retrofitting of a sunscreen.

Some of them are easier to do by laymen than others. But what types of sunscreen are there? For which conditions is which sunshade best suited? And what do you have to consider when installing? This article explains step by step what to pay attention to.

What forms of sunscreen are there?

Sun protection assembly: Useful tips: assembly


Basically, there are two types of sun protection: on the one hand externally mounted solutions, on the other hand, those that lie inside. For the interior installation, there are, among others Venetian blinds, roller blinds, slat systems and pleats, They are usually made of textile materials, wood, plastic or aluminum.

Which material is the best depends on the one hand on the type of application, on the other hand, the personal taste, Interior-mounted sun protection elements are characterized not only by their functionality but above all by their decorative properties.

The choice of designs and colors is almost limitless. There are also chic solutions for the outdoors. Count here Awnings, shutters, sails, large slats or roller shutters the most popular sun protection. Each product gives the property an individual character - from Mediterranean to futuristic.

The various solutions also offer a wealth of variants in terms of privacy and transparency. The photometric indicators become in the values Reflection, g-value (total energy transmission value), transmission, absorption, daylight quotient and further details divided.

These properties result from transparent to opaque different levels, the accordingly different quality features respectively. Before deciding on a sunscreen component, it is worth gathering comprehensive information.

For that you either consult the internet or you let yourself advised by an expert in the specialized trade, Depending on how your property is constructed, combi solutions from indoor and outdoor installations are also possible.

Where can a sunscreen be installed everywhere?

Sun protection assembly: Useful tips: tips

Install sunscreen directly in the shell

There are many places in the house where a sunscreen can be added later. Whether on sloping attic windows, the balcony or the conservatory: the possibilities are manifold - as well as the options of sun protection as well as the methods of attachment.

Decisive in the choice of sun protection is also the window type. It is about Double or single window, gable or roof fixed, sliding windows or even a panorama window front with balcony or terrace door? For extraordinary window shapes, the selection is already limited.

For the single window, however, numerous options are available due to its simple form. Inside, blinds and roller shutters serve their purpose as well as folding shutters. For external attachment are Shutters, shutters or sun sails reasonable measures.

The wider the windows, the larger the elements may be in size. For Awning and awnings prove their worth on the balcony and terracethat are very flexible in terms of width.

At the conservatory such products are not optimal - according to scientific studies, the temperature rises when using awnings in one Conservatory by 22.5 percent on. Far less is this when using roller shutters with full profile of the case.

Slat systems can be installed inside and outside when required, making them very flexible. For one increased light transmission in the closed state they should be equipped with a light rail. Then the temperature rise is only around eight percent.

Screwing, gluing, clamping - which mounting form is it allowed?

Sun protection assembly: Useful tips: useful

Screws as the only form of assembly?

Before starting to fasten the desired sunscreen, you need to clarify how to attach it. Interior solutions are fixed either to the window, to the wall or to the ceiling. For that are special carriers needed, the different use Find. Depending on the product, these are either screwed, glued or clamped.

Clamps are particularly gentle on the material because they neither require drilling nor leave adhesive residues. They let themselves attach well to plastic windows, but can only be used to a limited extent on wooden windows. They mainly occur with sun shading elements installed internally and are particularly practical for use in rental apartments.

Bored and glued sun protection should only be chosen if you are the owner of the property or the project has been discussed with the landlord. Otherwise that can Eliminate the damage to windows or masonry subsequently high costs cause.

Which sunscreen is the right one?

Sun protection assembly: Useful tips: tips

With landlords clarify whether the subsequent installation of sunscreen is allowed.

Who lives for rent, for the subject of the outer sun protection is usually excluded. Because usually it prohibits the Landlord, changes to the house facade make. If arrangements with him are not possible, only a sunscreen to be installed remains.

But which one is best? That depends on the purpose of the respective room. In work rooms with computer space is recommended Sunscreen with a low total energy transmission, because in the office, the room temperature is generally a bit higher due to the heat radiation of the computer.

For pleasant work, a sunscreen with high glare protection is also an advantage. In the bedroom are very popular so-called "day & night" Plissees. You are with equipped with two fabric layers that are freely adjustable, A fabric acts as a blind during the day, is light, transparent and translucent. The second layer is a screen protector and serves to darken the room. In the Variety of sun protection elements for indoor installation You can easily find the right piece for every room.

If you are the owner and are free to decide, then you better use a sunshade for outdoor installation. This preference is related to physical factors and the components of the sun's rays. 50 percent of the rays have one Wavelength between 800 nm and 2500 nm.

These are called "near infrared rays" and are easily transmitted by conventional windows. But just these rays ensure the warming of the room temperature, because the Furniture absorbs the rays and reproduces them as "far infrared" from. The wavelength changes and is between 5000 nm and 50,000 nm.

Conventional window glass is not able to pass this frequency. The Rays can no longer escape and heat build up is the consequence. This process can prevent an externally mounted sunscreen from the outset.

Additional comfort and safety are provided by awnings with motor or automatically roll-up awning systems. These can be equipped with a remote control, which allows individual adjustment by hand. In combination with a Sun and wind guard the sunscreen automatically controlled.

For example, sun protection automatically shuts off when the sun is shining; in the case of rain or oncoming wind (from 40 km / h), the awning or canvas is automatically rolled up. This is z. B. the Terrace or conservatory from excessive heat and consequential damage effectively protected by rain and wind.

Meanwhile there is the possibility, to the Domestic control connected sun protection by means of app to control. This is possible if the blinds and blinds are equipped with a motor and connected to the home control.

However, the purchase is usually more expensive than that of roller blinds or blinds indoors. Nevertheless, it pays to invest in a professional solution because they are powerful, elegant and durable.

What should be considered?

Sun protection assembly: Useful tips: protection

Beware of strong wind

There are details that are often overlooked in the planning, but in the truest sense of the word decide whether to be or not to be: if they are not taken into account, there is no sun protection at the desired location. To avoid such faux pas, you should consider the following points in the preparations.

  • For interior solutions: Venetian blinds and roller blinds usually have a cable lift for adjustment, which in addition to the sun protection width requires around 20 millimeters. In any case, add this to the overall width of the sunscreen when measuring.

    Pay attention to structural features: Are the ceilings and walls suitable for drilling holes? Can the windows or patio doors still be fully opened when the sunshade is attached to the wall or ceiling?

  • Tips for outdoor installation: Observe the wind behavior on your property. There are areas that are regularly exposed to high wind forces. Although strict regulations regulate the wind resistance of sun protection products, an externally installed protection under permanent load is not an optimal measure.

    Furthermore, there are some rules to consider when installing awnings. So it is important to comply with the edge and center distances and to observe the component thickness and width. There are special regulations that should prevent cracking and spalling of the building material.

Sunscreen - good for the environment and health

Sun protection assembly: Useful tips: tips


Since awnings, blinds & Co. keep out the summer heat, they are considered an energy-efficient solution. Air conditioners or fans - both are sometimes large power guzzlers - are so superfluous. Also the human body is spared, because of the help of the proper sun protection will be gentle temperature gradations between indoor and outdoorh created.

The body is spared crass temperature changes, as is often the case with the use of air conditioning in rooms. This natural solution prevents colds and circulatory problems. That's why one is Sun protection especially for the elderly, but also recommended for families with small children.

The subsequent attachment of a sunscreen requires a Extensive planning considering many points, Get the opinion of a professional and prepare the assembly intensively. For spontaneous DIY activities, the sun protection installation is not suitable.

Author:Siegfried Bühner, expert in structural sun protection and project manager at awning manufacturer Pina GmbH.

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