Parasol: Everything about Ampelschirm, market umbrella, parasol stand and Co

Umbrellas, or Parasoles called, there was already in ancient Egypt. They serve to protect against sun or UV rays. Mostly they can be found in sidewalk cafes, gardens, parks, on the beach or on balconies.

They consist of a stem from which leave several spokes. On these spokes then lies the clothing. It is either made of fabric or plastic, of straw or aluminum. An aluminum covering guarantees optimal protection against sunburn.

Parasol as a sunscreen

Everything about the parasol

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Parasol stand

In most cases you will need to buy the stand for your parasol, which means it is not included in the price of the parasol. Again, the offer is great and the choice is difficult. That's why we give you a little help:

The foot construction should be made of metal. So it offers the highest protection against storm. In addition, you can also complain the foot with massive stone slabs.

Standard plastic sunshade stands that are filled with sand or water only provide shelter on already sheltered areas. On the beach or on the balcony you can become dangerous missiles in strong winds.

Mittelmast screen

A center mast screen provides pleasant shade.

sun protection

The middle mast screen, or marten screen, is the most classic representative among the parasols. Due to its construction, it offers impressive stability and reliability even in strong winds. However, the mast and stand, which is centrally located under the umbrella at the center mast, as its name suggests, take up a lot of space and are often perceived as annoying.

Market umbrellas are available in all price categories at We recommend the sunshade Sunrise, which is priced a bit higher, but offers you the fullest comfort. He is easy to handle, but still noble in design.


Ampelschirme or side arm or free arm screens offer many advantages over the classic market umbrella. On the one hand, the area under the screen remains free: it is not disturbed by a mast or stand and your garden furniture can be comfortably placed underneath. The laterally positioned mast also creates freedom of movement for yourself and your family. On the other hand, Ampelschirme can be adjusted in different angles of inclination (usually even 360 degrees). This is the best way to protect your skin against dangerous UV rays.

Buy a Parasol - Let's go!

Before you go now and buy your new sunscreen, take note of these last tips quickly:

  • The covering should be quick and easy to remove (protection against weather, cleaning,...)
  • Pay attention to a high UV protection (UV 80 according to UV standard 801)! TIP: Before using the screen, hold the screen once against the light and check the density of the fabric!
  • Good drying properties are important to protect the screen from mold and mildew.
  • Can the struts be taken out individually, bought and exchanged? In the case of a fracture break it would be very annoying to buy a completely new umbrella, right?
  • Does the umbrella also provide protection from rain?
  • Aluminum, steel and noble wood make your umbrella wind stable and ensure a long life.

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