Surgical steel or titanium?

If you want to get a piercing, you also have to choose a particular material for the first piercing. Again and again the question arises whether surgical steel or titanium is recommended for a first piercing. What this one and what speaks for the other, we have put together in this article for you.

Nickel problems

Surgical Steel (316L) was previously not approved for first use with piercings. The legislator's ban was based primarily on the very high nickel content in the alloy. The legal basis was changed in 2004, however, because it is not the content of nickel that determines, but how much nickel is released - and this percentage is very low for surgical steel. In alloys, nickel is present in bound form, and therefore can not easily be released to the outside.

allergy prevention

Anyone who has a nickel allergy, and knows that, should do without piercings made of surgical steel as possible. Although the nickel release is very low, in some cases, this may still be sufficient. What few people know: even titanium can trigger allergies. Although also only to a small extent, but the possibility exists.

Titanium and titanium alloys

Pure titanium is a bit softer and can scratch quickly. This occasionally causes skin irritation. Alternatively, the Ti6AL4V ELI alloy, which is easier to process, is frequently used. Even the alloy is predominantly allergen-free, but in some cases this can still happen.

bacterial adhesion

In general, the surface of surgical steel is slightly smoother than that of titanium, which makes it less easy for bacteria to attach to it. With appropriate hygiene and care of the piercing, however, this should usually not be a problem for both materials.


Crucial in a piercing is often the price. Although slightly more expensive, titanium is still the most common piercing material in Europe.

Tips & Tricks

Very high quality is also Titan PVD, the so-called Blackline material. It is surface treated with a special method, which makes it very resistant and hardly causes friction. You can easily clean it with steam pressure. Titan PVD is completely anti-allergenic.

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