Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: blaupunkt

Test models Blaupunkt Vio
  • Security Camera VIO-H30
  • Security Camera VIO-B30
  • Security Camera VIO-D30
  • Wall bracket VIO-DMB1

I already had some surveillance cameras in the test and in most cases were pretty happy with the test results. The test result often reflected the purchase price, with camera technology rarely being the decisive factor here. If you look at the models of different manufacturers, they look pretty damn similar. The cost factor is mainly in the quality of the installed technology and especially in the development of the associated software.

Therefore, I am especially looking forward to the current test of the IP cameras from the VIO series from Blaupunkt. Why? Because Blaupunkt is a well-known company and none of the unknown "manufacturers" of cameras and alarm systems, which have mushroomed in recent years from the ground. From Blaupunkt I hope more than an imported standard camera model, which was provided only with its own company logo.

Security camera - what is allowed?

Judging by the legal requirements, nothing is allowed. Unless you stay in your own home, your own home or on your own property. But here too caution is required. Only your own property may be monitored.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: surveillance

Surveillance cameras should be installed on the property line and aligned with the property.

No passer-by on public roads or the neighboring property may feel he is being watched.

Not even if it's just a camera dummy. Even a street-facing camera, which is turned down so far that the captured image only goes to the property boundary, is not allowed. If the impression is given that the public area is also under surveillance, the surveillance camera must be placed elsewhere.

The best option is to place outdoor security cameras on the property line and align them with the property's center. If then the camera from the outside is not even visible, you move in the safe frame.

In the test the Blaupunkt VIO series (IP cameras)

IP cameras or Wi-Fi cameras, there are countless of countless providers and I was already able to test some of them. If, however, you would like to combine a surveillance camera with a motion detector, a swiveling camera or a surveillance camera with a recording and if possible have all of them in view at the same time, the offer will be noticeably thinner. Especially when the different cameras are to be inserted into an already existing system.

This is exactly what the VIO series from Blaupunkt should make possible. Not only that the series already contains different models, the surveillance cameras should manage together, install on the smartphone, tablet or PC and open and thanks to ONVIF also share with other cameras to let.

Blaupunkt offers even the following model versions of surveillance cameras:

  • IP Security Camera VIO-H30 (Indoor Wall Mount and Stand)
  • IP surveillance camera VIO-B30 (outdoor wall mounting)
  • IP surveillance camera VIO-D30 (optional outdoor ceiling mounting)
  • IP surveillance camera VIO-DP20 (swiveling, optional outdoor)

With these four models, of which the first three are for testing, many applications can already be covered. However, they can also be combined with other systems.

Setting up the app Cam4Home

The app is available on Google Play and also in the AppStore. Why she was only moderately rated with 3.2 stars is unfortunately not recognizable.

It is loaded relatively quickly, but the installation draws a little down and finally logs in with a necessary registration. However, this only requires an email address, the postal code and the country in which the app is used. Further details can be made, but they are not required and the e-mail address does not have to be confirmed.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: camera

In just a few steps app and cameras are set up. At data only an e-mail address and the postcode is required.

Thus, the app is already ready for use and it can be added to the first camera. In the Device Manager select the connection type (LAN or WLAN), assign a name, scan the code on the back of the IP cam and enter the local WLAN password. Then a funny sound indicates that the connection to the camera is being established. If this is done, the default password must be changed and then the first picture will appear. About 1 minute - more time is not needed and Within less than five minutes, all three cameras have been successfully set up, Perfect!

Surveillance Camera Test - The Blaupunkt VIO Cameras

VIO-H30 Indoor CCTV Security Camera with Motion Detector

The VIO-H30 is a HD indoor camera that can be placed or wall mounted. She has an attractive size, works discreet but modern and can be viewed from afar as a small surround speaker.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: test

On the shelf, the VIO-H30 looks like a small speaker.

What particularly stands out, she the many small holes for the speaker. Often surveillance cameras have only two small holes for the microphone and the sound output. At Blaupunkt VIO-H30 becomes obvious Value on a good sound transmission, With success, as it will turn out in the practical test.

I also like the mini-USB port for power supply, which faces down the rear, so that the plug does not protrude unpleasantly backwards, but can be easily hidden. By the way, a 3 m long USB cable is available for the power supply, which is supplied with a very small power supply unit. This makes it easy to integrate the VIO-H30 into the shelf and even use power sockets behind a cabinet. Details that I really liked.

Positive also stands out the foot which ensures a secure footing. More interesting, however, is the wall mounting, by means of a magnetic metal plate he follows. This can be screwed on or glued on with the enclosed pad. Small noses on the plate ensure that the VIO-H30 always remains precisely aligned, despite the fast mounting option.

All around I like the VIO-H30 for indoor surveillance very well. There is no point that I would design differently or better.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: blaupunkt

The cable is led downwards and can be installed in a hidden way.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: test

A magnetic wall mount ensures easy installation.

VIO-B30 Outdoor Security Camera WLAN / LAN

The design of the VIO-B30 is known from many other outdoor cameras and the mounting option has certainly not proved groundless in this form.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: blaupunkt

The VIO-B30 is similar to many other surveillance cameras.

To the Protection against the sun It has a small cover that can be moved minimally. A sunscreen certainly makes sense, but in this form it is unnecessary in my opinion. The adjustment is so small that an adjustment is not necessary and the sun visor can generally stay ahead. Here, however, it only shows effect when the sun is almost vertical in the sky. At a slight angle of incidence, the small aperture no longer gives shade.

On the other hand, what really pleases you is the cable outlet which can also be made through the wall. However, in the second case, a rather large hole (Dm 20 mm) is needed to get through the connection for the LAN cable. An alternative not to use the LAN connection and to hide the connection cable in the foot, there is unfortunately not. All cables must be routed out of the mounting foot or cut off in an emergency.

Except for this somewhat unfavorable solution, there is nothing wrong with the structure of the VIO-B30. The design has already become accustomed to many outdoor cameras and only a separate mounting plate for easier assembly or disassembly could bring benefits here. But it is not really necessary.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: surveillance

The glare protection unfortunately shows little effect.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: camera

The memory card is well protected with a lid.

VIO-D30 Outdoor Security Camera WLAN / LAN

Does one need in the private sector a surveillance camera that can be fixed to the ceiling and hides behind a transparent sphere? No, you do not need them, but they look damn great. While the typical surveillance cameras with motion detectors for the outside rather stakelig and ugly from the wall, such a transparent hemisphere blends into the environment much more discreetly and works more professional, Somehow one does not feel that way with this design, because the camera can not be seen as such.

At first glance it can already be seen that the VIO-D30 can only be adjusted manually and only after acceptance of the transparent hemisphere. Although this complicates the device and every new orientation requires a certain effort, this is the camera extremely well protected against dust and moisture, This is what the IP67 label stands for. 6 = dustproof and 7 = protection against temporary submersion.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: series

Cultivated it looks professional and not intrusive.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: test

To align, the D30 must be opened.

Somewhat disadvantageous for ceiling mounting is the cable outlet. Although it is possible to dissipate the cables laterally as well as through the ceiling but these variants require a big hole in the ceiling or a cable along the ceiling, which would have to be stowed in a fairly thick cable duct, since here too the LAN connection takes up considerable space.

Yet I like the VIO-D30 very well, Due to its design, it clearly stands out from the simpler IP cams and, despite its size, does not feel distracting. Anyone who chooses such a variant is also willing to put up with the effort to remove the cable through the ceiling.

VIO-DMB1 wall mount for surveillance camera outside

The surveillance camera VIO-D30 by Plaupunkt is not just for the ceiling. If you do not want to do without the round design, you can also attach the D30 to the wall using the wall bracket. Also here and certainly with the bracket makes the outdoor cam a good figure.

The cavity of the bracket now also offers the option of hiding the LAN portif it is not needed. For me, this form of outdoor camera is the most visually appealing variant.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: blaupunkt

The wall bracket is mounted in the mounting plate and is so easy to remove.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: series

The bracket provides enough space to store unneeded cables (LAN connection).

The Blaupunkt VIO surveillance cameras in a practical test

Alerting via the app Cam4Home

In order to turn the Blaupunkt HD cameras into a Blaupunkt alarm system, there are several variants available. First and foremost, of course App Cam4Home.

Like the installation of the VIO cameras at the beginning, the operation is quite simple. The App is very tidy and clear, resulting in a simple and intuitive operation. However, all functions are revealed only when you click through the entire menu. Who would have thought that there are three different timer programming? One for video recording and one for the different alarm functions "motion detection" and "hidden camera". The first device is thus somewhat more extensivebecause the programming has to be set for each individual camera. Again, that also makes it possible individual and complex monitoring solutions.

What I like less is the lack of opportunity to use different notifications - the push notification remains the only way.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: camera

The image transfer is stable and very good. However, the menu could be a little tidier and optimized

In addition to the alarm notification, the app also allows a view of the camera images. Here is the App Cam4Home again trump. All cameras can be called individually or as an overview. The transmission is very good and above all extremely fast. Even if you are currently not in the domestic Wi-Fi network. The video transmission can be individually adapted, so that the transmission remains stable even with a slower network connection. Even if all three cameras send their signal to the smartphone and PC software at the same time, there are no dips in the data transfer.

Overall, the app pleases, as well as many others. The settings are sufficient and the app works very well even with good image transfer. Except for more individuality in the alarm notification nothing is missing and there is hardly anything to complain about.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: test

Very good image transmission of the indoor camera.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: test

The outdoor recordings are also transmitted quickly.

Programming and monitoring via PC software SmartPSS

When thinking of a camera surveillance, I see a monitor with many small pictures of each camera in front of me, which can be individually zoom. As you often see it at a porter, in movies or in the adjoining room of a shopping center. A possibility that I have missed in all tested camera models so far.

Although some models also come with a PC software, but in most cases offer only a look at the live broadcast. Not so the software SmartPSS, which is offered to the VIO surveillance cameras and is developed in cooperation with Blaupunkt. The Software is a huge toolwhose possibilities seem almost limitless. Everything is possible, from the simple alarm message to automatic video overlay, intercom function or even people counting. Going deeper into detail would go beyond the scope.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: camera

A monitor allows the view of all IP cams. If a movement is detected, the live image of the corresponding camera opens automatically on the second monitor.

First and foremost, it is important to me that there is finally one stable combination of surveillance cameras and software which makes it possible to always have all the pictures in view. If an alarm function is set up here, a window opens in which the live transmission is shown larger.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: blaupunkt

Countless options are opened by tab.

The cameras of the Blaupunkt alarm system are quickly found by the software and can be added immediately. Although this software was developed in cooperation with Blaupunkt but not only for Blaupunkt, but shows just what opportunities arise when you not only cook his own soup, but is willing to make his system so that it open for cooperation is. Of all the network camera cameras tested so far, only Blaupunkt VIO cameras are willing to share their signal with other systems.

This results in special possibilities that are not always given with other monitoring systems. So Not only can alarm recordings be saved on the memory card in the camerawhich is very important to me personally. What good is the record if the suspect stole the camera and memory card?

Not quite as comfortable and extensive ONVIF, The software also offers the possibility to open network cameras of different manufacturers in one software. At least if they meet the ONVIF standard. Just like the VIO cameras from Blaupunkt. Again, it is set to play with open cards in favor of the user.

The picture quality of the VIO surveillance cameras

Anyone who buys an HD camera for surveillance and then expects a picture in HD quality as on the TV, will almost always be bitterly disappointed. The indication HD camera says only something about the number of recorded and displayed pixels, but nothing about the quality of the image. Even a totally pixelated or blurred image, can be displayed in HD quality and the information is then not even a lie.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: blaupunkt

The IR illumination is good and goes far.

The decisive factor is ultimately the own assessment of the picture presented. It should not be forgotten that surveillance cameras allow close-ups as well as the view into the last corner of the garden. The focus is therefore always a compromise and it is hardly possible to see the entire surveillance area in "best HD quality".

To put it in a nutshell: I am absolutely satisfied with the overall impression. Even more than satisfied. In daylight, all colors are super-bright and the "IR illumination" in absolute darkness provides clear images. Especially with the exterior shots shows how far the illumination reaches.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: test

The VIO-D30 also delivers good pictures inside.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: surveillance

Good color and great sharpness with the VIO-H30.

Conclusion: surveillance camera test - Blaupunkt VIO series

IP cameras, WLAN cameras, indoor, outdoor, with motion detector, as alarm, wireless, with recording... Surveillance cameras are a shame and all promise a super HD quality surveillance.

Surveillance Camera Test: Blaupunkt VIO series: surveillance

More or less, most people fulfill their promises, but rarely do you find them the optimal overall package in which the price is right, Here, Blaupunkt attacks the VIO series and implements the requirement perfectly.

The picture quality is consistent and The sound transmission of the VIO-H30 stands out clearly from all previous surveillance cameras in the test. Since it is almost a pity that the outdoor cameras do not provide sound transmission - if you need them.

The App Cam4Home by Blaupunkt offers a good range of functions anddid not make any mistakes in the test, But it also does not stand out from other camera surveillance apps.

Especially the VIO series stands out with its open networkability out. Thus, the live images can be viewed not only in the app, but also on the FTP / NAS server Save or view with a very extensive free software, save or control by extensive alarm functions.

In addition, all cameras meet the ONVIF standardso that it can be managed and combined with many other network devices for monitoring. Thus, the VIO series offers the optimal solution for every user. A great picture quality at an affordable price and cameras that can combine with other systems. That's all it takes to set up your own alarm and surveillance system.

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