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  • Sweepers save you the time-consuming sweeping with broom and dustpan or scoop. Thanks to a sophisticated drive system, you can use the disc brushes and sweeping rollers of the manual hand-held sweeping machine many times more efficiently than with the classic utensils.
  • The best equipment in a sweeper test has height-adjustable roller brushes and thus adapts to the dirt to be removed as best as possible, so that everything from fine grains of sand to coke cans can be picked up with the useful floor cleaning machines.
  • The replaceable parts of a sweeper ensure a long sweeping pleasure. In addition to the very economic functioning, hand-held machines also work ecologically sustainable because of the power cut.

Sweepers Comparison 2018: comparison

Floor cleaning in 2018 is a multifaceted technical task. In addition to countless technical floor cleaning devices, there is an almost unmanageable number of cleaning agents for all kinds of floors and coverings. An electric drive is mandatory for most appliances.

In the past, brooms and shovels were among the elementary household appliances, but here too technical progress has struck: As a more efficient alternative, the ingenuity of man has produced the sweeper. The cleaning of public roads has been done by the large motorized street sweepers since the 19th century in Europe's streets.

Smaller, current-driven models are also used in industrial companies and private households. Particularly noteworthy are finally the manually operated Sweepers, With them, the elimination of dirt in the garden, in the driveway or the garage is quite simple. Our following purchase advice should help you to better understand the operation of modern floor cleaning machines. We explain the differences between an expensive and a cheap manual sweeper and when it pays the higher purchase price. Use our helpful tips and choose your personal sweeper test winner!

1. Floor cleaning made easy

Sweepers Comparison 2018: 2018

The pressure of the side broom can be changed manually on many sweepers.

The broom is one of the oldest human household appliances, For millennia, they sweep the filth outside the door. In addition, floor cleaning is still today wiped, brushed and vacuumed. Sweeping, wiping, brushing and vacuuming are basically the basic operations of floor cleaning. The advancing technology does not change that.

However, what has changed far and wide with mechanization is the way in which energy is used for cleaning work. Using clever mechanical constructions, the first vacuum cleaners were already manually driven. Manual sweepers have also been used for sidewalk cleaning since the 19th century. Finally, the electrification of households made it possible to use electricity-driven household appliances.

Despite the time savings that could be achieved by electrically operated steam cleaners, hard floor cleaners or scrubber driers, the manually operated sweeper for use in the home, garden and garage has maintained its value.

Sweepers Comparison 2018: comparison

When buying a sweeper make sure that it can be stowed away when not in use.

Sweepers with batteries are just as commercially available as gasoline engine sweepers. Even large, self-propelled Aufsitzkehrmaschinen can be purchased for ambitious landowners. These are similar to the motorized vehicles of street cleaning and use for floor cleaning in addition to the usual mechanical dustpan principle also working with negative pressure, electric suction devices.

For less ambitious tasks, however, the hand sweeper is still suitable. Sweepers with battery operation, where the individual brooms and rollers perform their work without human effort, can certainly reduce the workload.However, the amount of work for manually operated sweepers is very low and for people from young to old to master easily.

In that sense, the manually operated floor cleaning machine for your garden, your property or your driveway the best recommendation - also from an ecological perspective. In our comparison of sweepers, we concentrate on this category of equipment, which has the following advantages and disadvantages compared to gasoline or electricity-driven models:

  • simple, flexible and fast handling
  • By electricity or gasoline renunciation ecologically valuable
  • less prone to technical defects
  • more manual labor necessary
  • Sweeping may take longer

2. sweepers in detail

2.1. How a hand-held sweeper works

Roughly four different types of manual sweeping machines are distinguished:

Rolling sweepersOn the underside of the sweeper, a roller equipped with bristles rotates vertically. The hopper has the function of a dustpan. The rotating roller returns the dirt through a so-called rubber lip in the container.
Twin roll sweepersRotating a second bristle roller in the opposite direction, also enables the double-roller sweeper to remove larger objects. The second roller replaces the rubber lip.
Circular broom sweepersDepending on the manufacturer and model, one to two circular brooms rotate horizontally to the floor surface. When using two side brushes, both move in the opposite direction to sweep the dirt into the inner receptacle. Due to the relatively wide entrance opening, disc brush sweepers can also be used to remove larger objects.
Turbo-sweepersThe turbo comes about through the combination of the two techniques: Horizontally rotating brooms sweep the dirt under the housing and the brushes of the rotating rollers carry it into the collecting container. Equipped with two disc brushes and twin rollers, a turbomachine is the best choice for removing coarse dirt on large areas.

Tip: Hand sweeping machines are also ideal for the pretreatment of carpets. First remove coarse dirt with the useful equipment before using a vacuum cleaner for fine cleaning. Even before cleaning a floor with a hard floor cleaner, a hand sweeper can already be used.

Sweepers Comparison 2018: comparison

2.2. Important purchase criteria of hand sweepers

    1. Working width: A manual sweeper has a fixed working or sweeping width. This size will inform you about the maximum path width, which you can edit with a sweeping path. The larger the working width, the more dirt you can pick up in a working path with the floor cleaning machine. Large road sweepers of municipal road cleaning sometimes have a working width the size of half a street, so that two working paths are sufficient for the removal of the entire road embankment.
      Hand sweeping machines are available with sweeping widths of approx. 50 cm to more than 90 cm. When buying, look for a size that suits your purpose. Too large devices are unwieldy and fit in the worst case not in all gears and ways.

Sweepers Comparison 2018: cleaning

The volume of the dirt container should also play an important role in your purchase decision.
  1. hopper: How often you need to empty the container can be crucial to the speed of the work. Too small a hopper may force you to stop the operation too often. Make sure you have enough space in the collecting container - Especially when the area to be worked on is large and the way to the garbage bin gets longer and longer.
  2. Area performance: Depending on the working width, the number of used plate brushes and roller brushes and the size of the hopper, the area output gives the Total area, the in an hour can be cleaned with the hand sweeper. Area and time are given here as a ratio and standardized. A small sweeping roller cleans an area of ​​about 1,500 m² per hour, whereas some manufacturers offer models with a surface output of about 3,000 m² per hour.

3. What else you should know

Our sweeper comparison brought essential purchase criteria to light. In addition to the question of the right composition of horizontally rotating disc brushes and vertically rotating brush rollers, the hard-working floor cleaning equipment should also have a sufficient working width and a suitably dimensioned hopper, For the achievable area performance, these properties are particularly important.

Cleaning in corners

Almost all sweepers work with you one or two laterally protruding plate brooms. The side brooms allow the elimination of dirt and debris even in difficult to reach angles and corners and can also often fold down.

There are also manufacturer and model-dependent features that characterize the best sweepers of a brand. Many manufacturers donate their devices height-adjustable push handle, Finding a position that suits your body size can be achieved in a flash and makes your work easier. For a larger area to get rid of the dirt can be torture in half-bent state, whereas a too high set bracket does not implement the thrust of your body weight accordingly. You then have to use a lot of strength from the upper arms and exhaust faster. A height-adjustable push handle also allows different people with different body size to use the machine.

Sweepers Comparison 2018: 2018

With side-mounted plate broom you can also reach hard-to-reach areas.

In sweeper tests are especially those Models were distinguished whose brushes and brooms were height-adjustable or could be regulated in the pressure, Because depending on the substrate and type of debris other attitudes recommend: Sand and fine sawdust require pressure and very close to the ground along running sweeping and broom, whereas coarser materials such as stones or twigs with a ground level setting hardly fit under the hand sweeper and are pushed before it would. Even for uneven floors such models can be used well.

Very low maintenance sweepers provide one Direct drive of the rollers and brooms, In this case, the user's pushing energy is not transferred to the rotating elements via belts. Rather, the wheels are such Handkehrmaschinen directly connected to the rollers and put the rotational movements directly. For the construction of the directly driven floor cleaning devices less sensitive mechanical components are used, which is why they also require less maintenance.

Tip: For a dust-free floor cleaning we recommend hand sweeping machines with an additional fine dirt and dust sweeping roller.

How a single-roller sweeper works:

4. Questions and answers around the topic Sweeper

Sweepers Comparison 2018: sweepers

A double roller sweeper with two disc brushes shown from below.

4.1. How does a sweeper work?

Sweepers use the dustpan principle. In this case, a so-called lip is performed similar to a dustpan on the underside of the sweeper. A vertically rotating brush roller hurls the dirt into the integrated hopper, the rubber lip prevents the dirt from escaping.

Two-roller sweepers do without the rubber lip and simply allow two rollers to rotate in opposite directions, The first roller is locked a little higher, so that the dirt can easily pass and is driven up by the second roller to be ultimately thrown by the rotational movement of both rollers in the hopper. Instead or in addition, horizontally rotating disc brushes can be responsible for the sweeping effect. Mostly the two principles - vertically rotating brush rollers and horizontally rotating circular brushes - used at the same time.

4.2. Snowblower or sweeper? What is better?

Sweepers Comparison 2018: cleaning

The manufacturer Haaga also offers combi tools, with which one can sweep and push snow.

In fact, one can be Sweeper also use for snow removal in winter. The working principle is quite similar in both devices, but snow throwers usually do not have a catch tank. Rather, the snow is simply transported to the side with the snow removal machines. A sweeper would have to be emptied relatively often in the misappropriation, The dense snow quickly depletes the capacity of the debris hopper. In this respect, a hand sweeper is only partially suitable for snow shoveling.

4.3. Who has the greatest experience in building sweepers?

Established manufacturers of gardening and cleaning equipment such as Kärcher or Kränzle have especially distinguished themselves in the design of hand-held sweeping machines. Renowned manufacturers such as Texas Garden and Numatic also have very good sweepers in their portfolio. Exclusively and very successfully specialized in hand-held machines is Haaga. The manufacturer covers the entire spectrum - from a model for private users to a professional, industrially usable machine.

4.4. How did the Stiftung Warentest judge the topic?

The largest German test magazine for consumer products has so far taken no hand sweeping machines under the microscope.

How a double-roller sweeper works:

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