Make sweets yourself

Make sweets yourself: chocolates

Sweets are not only delicious, but also provide good mood. Not only children love sweets in the form of chocolates and candies, even adults can not resist the delicious taste of delicate nut chocolate or a fruity candy.

With just a few ingredients and some materials, you can make your own sweets. We have put together the best sweets preparation and manufacturing instructions for you.

Have fun while snacking!

Table of contents about making sweets yourself

  • Recipes: make chocolate yourself
  • Make chocolates yourself
  • Video tutorial: making sweets yourself
  • Recipes and instructions for homemade sweets
  • Recipe for roasted almonds

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Recipes: make chocolate yourself

chocolate mask

So make yourself a chocolate mask and get a soft skin
in a lighter-easy-to-speak

chocolate scrub

A recipe for a chocolate scrub with cocoa powder. Fragrant care for a great and delicate skin.
at Biotiful

cocoa chocolates

Shaping and making scented cocoa balls yourself. Recipe for a relaxing chocolate bath
at board.beauty24

bar of chocolate

Make a chocolate bar yourself. Here is a guide for this delicacy

Chocolate Beauty Product Recipes

Recipes for a chocolate body butter, a chocolate sugar peel and lip balm
at Bella Online

Chocolate bath with scrub

Make chocolate bath ball with peeling effect yourself - basic recipe with instructions
at Windleben

scented cubes

Making chocolate cuddly cubes as bath additives - recipe for a chocolate bath
at womenweb

chocolate mask

Simple recipe to make a face mask made of milk chocolate and jojoba oil
at womenweb

bitter chocolate

Production and processing with a recipe for home-made dark chocolate
at all-over-chocolate-

Cocoa butter balls

Recipes for bath balls made of different ingredients, eg. B. cocoa butter balls

Milk chocolate

Make milk chocolate yourself. Detailed recipe in single steps
at the cooking recipe

Peppermint Taler

Simple recipe for delicious peppermint taler
with food and drink


Heart shaped chocolate chocolates for a fragrant chocolate bath - detailed instructions
at expli

Make chocolate yourself

Simple instructions for homemade chocolate
at Labbe

Chocolate for face, massage and bath

Quick and easy recipes for a chocolate massage cream, chocolate face mask and a chocolate bath
at Living at Home

Edible mask

Edible face mask made of chocolate and jojoba oil to make yourself - Simple recipe
at girl

cocoa beans

Process cocoa beans yourself and make delicious chocolate or drinking chocolate yourself. - A detailed guide
at theobroma-cacao

Make chocolate

Making your own chocolate - A detailed guide from conching to chilling
at theobroma-cacao

Decorate chocolate yourself

Ideas for decorating homemade or bought chocolate
at Weihnachtsstadt

Sweet pine cones

Recipe to make yourself from real pine cones and colorful chocolate treats
at Weihnachtsstadt


Everything you want to know about making chocolate
at Wikipedia

Make chocolates yourself

Make chocolates yourself

A detailed guide to making chocolates

chocolate truffles

Basic recipe for various delicious chocolate truffles

Rum chocolate pralines

A delicious step by step guide to making chocolate chocolates with Rum core itself
at the cooking recipe

Nut nougat chocolates

Recipe with illustrated instructions to make nut-nougat-prlinen yourself.
in the success-law

orange chocolates

Recipe for homemade orange pralines
with food and drink

coffee truffles

An exact recipe guide for delicious coffee truffles
with food and drink

army bullets

Prepare men's balls of fine chocolate yourself. Delicious dessert for Christmas.
with food and drink

Coconut truffle chocolates

A step-by-step guide to home-made coconut truffle chocolates
at expli

Strawberry chocolates

With a few simple steps, you can make these strawberry balsamic chocolates yourself
at expli

Hazelnut chocolates

Make delicious chocolates with orange and marzipan yourself
at expli

Brittle pralines

Making crunchy pralines with nuts yourself. - Detailed recipe
at expli


Make delicious chocolates in different variations yourself. Detailed recipes for the whole family
at recipes-nachkochen

chocolate truffles

A delicious guide for home-made truffle chocolates
at cook mix


Simple recipe to make your own Mozartkugeln.
by onkelheinz

Calvados chocolates

A guide to sweet calvados chocolates
by onkelheinz

raspberry chocolates

Raspberry chocolates can be made in a few steps with this recipe
at PralinenIdeen

mocha chocolates

A recipe for about 25 mocha chocolates
at PralinenIdeen

nougat chocolates

Simple recipe for nougat chocolates
at chocolate-abc

Ferrero Rocher

Make delicious Rocher yourself. - A recipe that everyone thinks delicious
at wawerkoSprache: German

Video tutorial: making sweets yourself

Recipes and instructions for homemade sweets

Rose sweets

With this recipe you make red candies with rose water. A great gift for the loved one.
bei genuss-blog

Brazil nut sweets

An exact recipe instructions with two preparations for Brazil nut sweets
at pleasure-recipes

Homemade sage-sweets

Simple recipe for sage oatmeal in the oven.
at centaurium


Recipe for homemade aniseed with honey and saffron. Good for a cough
at br-online

Peppermint candies

With this recipe you can make Polkagriser yourself in a few simple steps
at the cooking recipe

Candy Valentine Butterfly

Valentine card with butterfly tinker. Sweet idea for wings and belly from chocolate bars.
at DLTK's Crafts

Sage drops

A step by step guide for home-made sage candies from real sage leaves
at heilkrä


Making candies from caramel itself. - A simple guide
at marions-cookbook

lemon drops

Simply make yourself some fruity fresh lemon drops
at marzipanfues

Cough Drops [PDF]

Make cough sweets with honey and herbs yourself - Detailed instructions with description of various medicinal herbs
at pachizefalos

Table decoration made of candies

Candy snakes and figures as a table decoration for the children's birthday
at peppiclip

Make caramel sweets yourself

A recipe plus video for homemade sweets with caramel
at tippsundtricks24

onion sweets

Recipe for delicious and healthy candies with onions.
at webkoch

Caramelized almonds

A delicious recipe
at foolforfood

Make burnt almonds yourself

A Christmas recipe for roasted almonds with rose water
with delicious baking

Almonds with cinnamon

A recipe guide
at mamas-recipes

Burnt chocolate almonds

A delicious recipe guide to make roasted almonds with chocolate itself
at marions-cookbook

Burnt almonds

do it Yourself. Tips and a guide
at tanjas-traumberg

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