Freshwater aquarium - tropical life in the living room

A freshwater aquarium can be maintained relatively easily by a beginner. It spreads depending on the fish and plant a lot of tropical feeling and a relaxing sight in the apartment. What you should look out for when putting together and setting up at a freshwater aquarium, we show you here.


Most aquarists would like to create a living landscape under water. This works better the bigger the pelvis is. Errors in the care or compilation of the pelvis have little effect on a large amount of water. If there are still many plants in the aquarium, they purify the water and liven it up. In addition, they offer the fish protection against wild chases of roommates.

So a pool with a volume of around 100 liters of water is much easier to care for than a nano aquarium with perhaps only ten or 20 liters of content. The workload is limited after the establishment of the pool to about a water change a month, as long as everything goes well. It may even be necessary to replace only a small part of the water.

Reduce care

Some animals that you use to the selected fish in the aquarium, can reduce the work even more. These include, in addition to the bottom fish, which clean up at the bottom also snails and shells. Snails not only clean the windows from the inside, the decoration and the plants are also cleared of algae and moss.

The mussels filter water and at the same time clean the ground. They should therefore only be used when there is sufficient mulch on the ground, as they can not move to change the feeding place.

These animals help with care:
  • snails
  • Shellfish
  • bottom Feeders
  • shrimp

Cleaning and care

The care of the freshwater aquarium consists mainly of the occasional water changes. At the beginning, the water quality values ​​should be checked regularly to find the right time for a water change. If the pelvis has come in well, it hardly has to be. It is then sufficient if about once a month one third of the water is replaced by fresh water.


So that your freshwater aquarium remains harmonious and healthy, it makes sense to select fish that require similar living conditions. The fish species should harmonize with each other. So it is not good to socialize calming fish with fighting fish or fast hectic swimmers.

The stress is not only on the health of the fish, but also on the water quality. Also, a little caution is necessary with the live-bearing fish. Same-sex groups should be bought here, otherwise the pool is overcrowded very quickly.

  • same origin of the fish (region, similar basic conditions)
  • similar living conditions (temperature, pH of the water)
  • Personality of the fish (fast or slow swimmers and hunters)


A beginner can create a beautiful freshwater aquarium with a tank size from 60 centimeters front length, the sight of which makes a lot of fun. The difficulty depends mainly on the type of fish used in the pool.

Some fish do not take it so well with their water levels and temperature. Of course, these species are the ideal inhabitants of the pool for beginners. If you already have a bit more experience, you can of course also hold scalars or fighting fish. Then, however, the pool size of the fish species must be adjusted.

Assemble freshwater aquarium

In order for the level of difficulty to be adapted to one's own experience, the following points should be noted in the composition and setup.

  • What water temperature do the fish need?
  • Which PH value is ideal for the residents?
  • Socialization of fish species

This is how it continues:

Another exciting aquarium is the marine aquarium with a tropical coral landscape. What is important in a marine aquarium and how difficult the operation of this pool really is, we show you here in the following article.

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