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Ten rules on the way to your own swimming pool

Build swimming pool: build

When planning a private swimming pool, nothing should be left to chance. Here is the ten-point program of the Federal Association Swimming Pool & Wellness e.V. (bsw) for the stress-free realization of a private pool.

Swimming pool construction is not for hobbyists

The construction of a swimming pool requires specialist knowledge. Pool construction companies not only offer every individual solution, but are also competent in all technical questions from planning to implementation. The use of different materials, which are always exposed to water and, where appropriate, direct sunlight, produce special conditions that only the skilled person knows and can therefore take into account in the implementation. By the way: The bsw specialist companies offer the pool and all related work from a single source. In particular, this gives the client a big time advantage. After all, whoever wants to coordinate all the necessary craftsmen, such as electricians, tilers and garden designers, must always be reachable and almost always on site. In are the addresses of about 160 bsw specialist companies, which offer the pool from a single source, so to speak, turnkey and present in most cases in their exhibitions different working pools.

First, the budget must be determined

It is important to set a budget that a builder wants to invest for his private pool. Specifically: You should determine how much money you want to spend for the pool and should also plan a reserve for the famous "unforeseen". On the basis of the given budget, the swimming pool construction specialist can make suggestions from the large number of conceivable basin constructions and accessory components. Upon request, the bsw specialist companies also offer the purchase of a pool, including the craftsman services, via the instrument Finanzkauf. Whether this is realized with or without a one-time special payment, the customer decides.

A swimming pool in absolute shadow limits the bathing pleasures.

For an outdoor swimming pool, the sun is the cheapest source of energy for heating the pool. In particular, the afternoon sun makes the swimming laps very pleasant. In a permanent shadow situation, leaving the pool is a cool adventure, even with a heated pool.

Do not place a swimming pool directly under trees

The pool water but also filters and skimmers are unnecessarily often polluted, for example, by leaves, needles and flowers, if the pool is placed directly under or next to trees. An ideal place for the pool, however, is a protected area that does not allow inquisitive glances. It is also important to pay attention to groundwater, but in such cases drainage can help.

Do not plan the pool in a direct draft

Wind cools the pool water faster and often drives the foliage into the pool interior. Even for swimming itself, a drafty corner is not pleasant. Walls, evergreen hedges or, of course, a canopy, which can be extended at any time on request (manually or automatically), can help. This leaves the outdoor pool season even longer by a few weeks into autumn.

Optimal water treatment is important

A water treatment system tailored to the size of the pool is indispensable. Here, there are proven technical offers that clean the water together with water care products, eliminate impurities and protect against germ formation. With a frequent change of water it is not enough, especially since the costs would rise immeasurably. With a targeted water hygiene manually or by means of a treatment plant, which works, for example, with chlorine, bromine or ozone, you can always enjoy clean, crystal clear water. Visible impurities are removed with the filter system by filtering and circulating the water. Furthermore, in the pool cleaning so-called "vacuum cleaner" may be helpful. The swimming pool expert also advises on all these issues. In particular, bsw has developed technical guidelines for water treatment in private pools, which can be obtained free of charge from the bsw office.

Do not save on a cover

Water evaporates and cools especially at night. Here, a cover, for example, as a film system (manually or automatically operated) or a particularly elegant Unterflurrolladen help energy-saving. In addition, a cover protects year round from coarse dirt. But remember: not all covers are safe to walk. With special solar covers, it is possible to exploit solar energy even more for pelvic heating. This helps save energy even more effectively.

Plan stairs and ladders sensibly

You can get into the pool quickly, but finally you want to get out safely and comfortably. Whether Roman steps or functional stainless steel entry, this is up to the personal claim and of course the possible pool size. Elaborate staircase designs can additionally adorn a swimming pool. Equipped with "anti-slip" steps and additional handrails, the pleasant way in and out of the water is guaranteed. In addition, counterflow systems, massage jets, or floodlights can be integrated into many stair structures. Thus, the access area of ​​the pool becomes a special feel-good place. In addition to the large entry stairs, an additional stainless steel ladder at the end of the pool often provides valuable services.

Determine the size and equipment of the swimming pool individually

The standard size of a pool is 8 x 4 meters at a water depth of about 1.35 to 1.60 m. Background: Two people can comfortably swim next to each other here. The size of a pool is individually definable. Of course, there are no limits to the top when the garden gives the place. Of course, especially in terraced gardens, often only small solutions can find a location. For pool lengths of up to 8 m, the installation of a counterflow system is definitely recommended. This ensures that the swimming is not interrupted by the constant turning in its river. Interesting and fun are also other water attractions such as the Schwalldusche, Bodensprudler, geysers or massage jets. On different pool shapes and sizes are presented. Anyone interested can find out about the broad market offer here. In addition, the bsw-Bilderbroschüre with almost 200 private swimming pool and spa facilities is available for a fee.

Do not just build a swimming pool...

Up to certain pool sizes, outdoor pools are not eligible for approval, but depending on the state, there may be different policies requiring approval by the local building authority for pools containing more than 50 square meters of water. This is especially true for indoor pools. Inquire therefore in advance with the city council, whether such a permit is required.

Pool fun for everyone - save lots of money by doing it yourself

Build swimming pool: build


Many dream of the pool bathing fun in their own garden. High initial costs too often prevent the realization or the most justified fear of inferior cheap solutions. Now, however, there are high-quality pool systems for self-construction.

The Self-build swimming pool, in which you can enjoy the purest bathing pleasure, is best in conventional construction with a System kit created. "Solid, stone built on stone, that is durable and stable in value, the swimming pool self-builder has so much design freedom in both size and shape," explains Nicole Maurer of Roos Freizeitanlagen.

Simply build yourself - with a ready-made kit for swimming pools

Build swimming pool: swimming


The System kit contains proven, prepared material and all the high quality Swimming pool technology. This includes accurate, easy-to-understand and illustrated building instructions and assembly Instructions, A Roos system kit for a pool, for example, 3.6 m x 8 m x 1.5 m deep, you get from 2.820, - €.

After the swimming pool shell only a weekend project

Build swimming pool: swimming


First, the Walls bricked up for the pool, then with a special one insulating foam and upholstery foam busy. "When the shell is ready, 85% of the work for swimming pool construction is already done Laying out the pool with thick film webs, as well as that Attaching the quality sand filter The self-builder usually does it on a weekend, "says Nicole Maurer of Roos Freizeitanlagen.

If you want to be particularly comfortable and luxurious, you can use a Roman or Greek swimming pool Ghat made of glass reinforced polyester. With a Counter-current swimming facility The pool owner can keep fit by "swimming without turning" or by means of massage jets set up its own spa bath.

Who will be later free heated swimming pool from March / April until October, it is best to build a solar-rapid collector as a cost-effective one Pool heating with a.

Conclusion: By building pools you can save a lot of money.

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