Pool edge border - pool enclosures

Pool enclosures - the new look on the edge of the pool

Who does not want the bathing paradise right in front of their own patio door. Since the hot summer of 2003, many people have fulfilled this wish. The demand for private swimming pools has increased dramatically since then.
Wellness at home is no longer a luxury. Because pools of different materials, shapes and sizes are now offered at affordable prices and what the costs lowers: You can usually build them yourself without professional help / install.

This also applies to floor-level basins, but where there are only a few special products on the market for the "around" (swimming pool surrounds or pool edging stones), which have been specially designed for this purpose and which - with the appropriate craftsmanship - can also be installed,

Pool edge border - pool enclosures: pool

The well-known concrete goods manufacturer WESERWABEN® has created a new product line consisting of eleven different surround elements for the appropriate "frame" of the swimming pool. The subtle design of the new pool edge stones is determined by an elegantly curved front edge and, reminiscent of white granite surface optics.

The transition between the pelvis and running area is thus gentle and harmonious. The manifold forms of concrete block elements open up design possibilities for every individualist.

But also to the practical benefit one thought:
So there are no sharp edges that interfere with the entry and exit or sitting on the edge of the pool. Dirt particles or cleaning liquids dissolved in the precipitation / surface water do not get into the pool due to the curb curvature.

The product line consists of a normal "straight" element, five radius elements with inner rounding, one element with outer rounding (radius 61 cm), one inner angle element (radius 15 cm) and one outer angle element (for "recessed", right-angled corners). The assortment is completed by the extraordinary elements "roman. Stairs, right or left ", which form the connection to so-called" Roman stairs ".

"Roman stairs" allow entry into a swimming pool or pool area via a mostly semicircular bulge on the narrow side of the pool. The stair elements already have a slight inner rounding on one side, so that the radius elements belonging to the program with internal rounding (radius 250, 200, 150, 122 and 61 cm) can be easily worked on.

The installation of the surround elements is usually very simple. Prerequisite is a stable, sufficiently broad and flat, frost-resistant surface (ideally a concrete or masonry wall). The elements are then placed with a 10 mm joint either in a 3 cm thick mortar bed or on a 15 mm thick flexible adhesive center bed.

WESERWABEN has prepared a corresponding special adhesive for this purpose. Any required fittings can be cut without problems on site. The jointing (by hand using plasto-elastic material or appropriate grout) should then be made at the earliest on the following day. The adjoining surface can be worked on to such a finished swimming pool enclosure.

As an ideal complement to the enclosures, the manufacturer offers the well-known column and balustrade systems, which are ideally suited in a similar color setting as a distinction between swimming and rest zones.

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