Resin screed is a flexible term

Among the various types of screed used in the construction of floors, versions made of synthetic resin are among the most expensive products. The high costs are somewhat offset by the fact that the screed also represents the usable floor. Resin screed is usually chosen only if special properties are required.

Screed usually corresponds to a composite coating

In the private sector, a screed made of synthetic resin plays no role. It is replaced by synthetic resin coatings, which can also be called screeds. For the original task of a screed, referred to in Switzerland as a base, to form an intermediate layer between masonry or concrete slab and floor utility, resin screed is too expensive.

However, the names of resin floor coverings are blurred, and thus, any type of resin coating on a floor is often offered and referred to as screed. Typical trade names are utility and visual screed. As a universal floor covering screed made of synthetic resin fulfills the functional tasks that it would also have to perform as an intermediate layer. Decisive here are the even distribution of the compressive force and the formation of the desired or structurally required construction height of a floor.

Cast screeds without intermediate layer

Usually, a screed made of synthetic resin is laid as a composite screed. By casting and direct adherence to the substrate, mostly concrete, he enters a "material union", which is referred to as Verbund. So-called floating screeds, where a layer of insulation is laid on the substrate before application, are not made of synthetic resin.

Therefore, with a floor coating made of synthetic resin as a screed always pay attention to the impact sound development. In combination with concrete floors and ceilings and masonry sound bridges can arise.

Special applications

A screed made of synthetic resin can be provided with special properties by individual adaptation of the aggregates, which, however, rarely play a role in the private sector. This includes an increased load and impact resistance, as required for example for forklift traffic. Other properties are chemical resistance and high electrical resistance.

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for a conventional screed for your living area, you do not need an expensive synthetic resin product. For garage or balcony coatings, the designation screed is often not used by manufacturers and dealers. Consider the features and uses regardless of the actual naming.

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