Change a door cylinder

Changing a door cylinder is a typical job for the savvy home improvement. With a little skill and basic knowledge, you can swap every door cylinder quickly and easily. To ensure that the replacement of the door cylinder works smoothly in every respect, we have compiled a detailed manual for you below.

  • Door cylinders change in-house
  • Door cylinders change in a condominium
  • Door cylinders change in a rented object

In your own house you can of course replace a door cylinder as you wish. For the other two options, it looks different. This is mainly due to the fact that there are different castle executions.

  • cylinder lock
  • Pen lock with mortise lock

Not always you can just swap the door cylinder like that

Pin and mortise locks can be designed as a security key of a locking system. This means that the apartment key is a kind of master key, which can also work on the front door, the garbage house, cellar doors and underground garages. Even for condominiums, this can be a problem if there is a corresponding house statute that you have accepted. You should definitely contact the caretaker.

Pay attention to locking systems for rental objects

For rental objects, however, the replacement of door cylinders of a locking system without consent is completely excluded. In this case, you must consult with the property management or the caretaker in any case.

Step by step instructions for changing from the door cylinder

  • new door cylinder
  • Key to the old cylinder lock
  • rust remover
  • Vernier caliper or special angle ruler (like an angle gauge)
  • Screwdriver (for fixation screw)
  • possibly a hammer

1. Preparatory work

a) Pretreatment of the old door cylinder
First spray rust remover into the key slots of the old door cylinder. Most doors with a door cylinder are doors that lead to the outside area and are heavily exposed to the elements. Therefore, the fixation screw may be heavily oxidized with the thread of the lock.

b) Measuring the old door cylinder
Now you have to take the dimensions of the old door cylinder. To do this, open the door and look at the door leaf from the front. Slightly below the door cylinder you will see a countersunk screw. Starting from this screw (fixing screw for the door cylinder) measure now to the left and then to the right outside of the cylinder.

Both halves do not necessarily have the same length. They may or may not be the same length. For safety, add both dimensions and then measure the complete dimension again from one end to the other of the door cylinder.

c) measuring the door fittings
If the door lock is slightly recessed behind the door fitting or even protruding beyond it, a wrong door cylinder may be installed. As a precaution measure the distance between the two outer sides of both door fittings. Make sure that the inner cylinder halves are of correct length. It is best to show the salesperson all the dimensions you have taken from the old door cylinder.

2. Remove the old door cylinder

Now you can unscrew the fixing screw on the front of the door panel. If the screw still does not loosen, put on a suitable screwdriver and hammer a few times over the screwdriver with a hammer on the screw. If it releases now, it takes a relatively long time to unscrew because it is a fine thread.

Now insert the key into the old door cylinder and turn it slightly diagonally to two sides (depending on the outside or inside, where you insert the key), approximately at 11.00 o'clock or 1.00 o'clock. Inside the castle is the driver.

The twisted on the longitudinal axis of the castle and is only flush with this, if the key is slightly inclined. If the key is removed, this latch is slanted and jammed the lock, so it can not be removed. Now you can slowly pull out the old lock.

3. Insert the new door cylinder

You can already insert the new door cylinder into the door. Again, you must first bring the driver with the key with the rest of the door lock in a run, then you can insert it. Now you just have to screw in the fixing screw, the change of the door cylinder is already complete.

Tips & Tricks

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