Tab in the dishwasher does not dissolve

Many people prefer to use dishwasher trays instead of single components for the dishwasher. But it happens again and again that the tabs do not dissolve. Below we have compiled the most common causes for you if the tab does not dissolve in the dishwasher.

This requires a dishwasher for cleaning

The choice of dishwashers is no less than the range of dishwasher detergents for the machine. Overall, three components are basically needed:

  • Cleaner for dishwashers
  • Regenerating salt for the built-in water softener
  • Rinse aid against deposits on the dried dishes

Tabs are preferred despite the massive disadvantages

Already, because fewer products have to be purchased, approximately 75 percent of all households use dishwasher tablets. In this case, a distinction must be made between multitabs (also Mehrphasentabs) and solotabs, where usually the former tabs are used. These contain all of the enumerated components, in addition there are various further additions (3in1-Tabs, 4in1-Tabs, 7in1-Tabs, 11in1-Tabs etc.).

Tabs are equally good for short-run and economy programs

Now you can run the dishwasher in different programs. Particularly striking is the difference between short-term programs and austerity programs (eco-programs). While short-term programs run fast, austerity programs require more time accordingly. This means that the tabs under both programs still have to work.

Different principles according to which tabs dissolve

However, in short-run programs, the tab is solved by hot water, while austerity programs release the tabs from prolonged contact with water. Most tabs are combi products and are both variants. However, there are also special tabs that are better adapted to the programs. So first you should check if they are such tabs. Especially if there are new tabs that you use.

Other causes for unresolved tabs

But the other way round it can mean that the water may not be properly heated if the tabs are not completely resolved after a short program, but have always worked. What to do if the dishwasher is not heating, you will learn if you follow the link.

Blockages or product changes

If the dishwasher does not wash clean, this can also be an indication that not enough water is running into the machine and is distributed accordingly. In particular, check the spray arms for any obstructions. When changing the tabs, it may also happen that these tabs are not suitable for the dishwasher you are using. In particular tabs of the latest generations have problems to dissolve completely in older dishwashers.

Position the tabs differently

But it can also have very simple causes if the tabs do not dissolve. If you place the tab in the powder compartment, the lid may not open because a piece of crockery obstructs the lid. If you have a new dishwasher that you can put the tab in, the tab may not fall out of the tray. Then you should put the tab in the cutlery basket. Although this is contrary to some manufacturer recommendations, but it works. The trade also offers small baskets for the tabs, similar to washing machines.

Tips & Tricks

Tabs represent a significant environmental impact. Under "Dishwasher Powder" you can read about the harmful effects of tabs in general. In addition, tabs are up to five times more expensive than dishwasher powder. With powder, a rinse costs about 3 cents, with tabs between 7 and 28 cents. With only two cleaning cycles per week, you can save up to 25 euros.

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