Embellish the table - you can do that

A table without decoration looks a bit boring and unattractive. What options you have to beautify a table and visually enhance, and what things you should think, read in this post.

Remodel table surface

If you want to enhance your table visually, you can easily redesign the table surface. There are different possibilities for this:

  • table sheet
  • Mosaic table or mosaic "runner"
  • decoupage

table sheet

Sticking the table surface or wrapping the entire table is relatively simple and usually inexpensive. Tabletop foils can be ordered directly to measure, with the help of furniture foil you can also completely foil whole tables and make them visually more interesting.

Foils have many advantages, are removable without a trace and also help to protect the table from damage and stains.

Mosaic table or mosaic runner

Simple mosaic tiles can also be conveniently laid on the table. Alternatively, you can beautify a table by laying the mosaic tiles just in the middle of the table - like a table runner. The laying of finished mosaics is quite simple, but for selfmade mosaics made of natural stones you need a bit of skill and a good eye for the design.


To beautify an old, simple table you can also use napkin technique.

Decoration of the table

Even for a visually attractive decoration, there are numerous, often quite cost-effective ways:

  • Placemats
  • plants
  • Decorative objects such as etagere, napkins, vases, etc.


Placemats and coasters (so-called "table sets") not only provide good protection for the table, but can also look visually attractive in appropriately chosen designs. They are almost always very inexpensive.

Plants on the table

Green plants liven up any table surface. It does not always have to be fresh flowers in the vase. You can also place an etager with green plants as decoration on the edge of the table.


There are many possibilities here. Classic are:

  • candle holder
  • Etageren, possibly filled with sweets or munchies
  • Vases
  • Decorative glasses filled with decorative sand and various objects

In addition, you can let your imagination run wild. Allowed is what pleases.

Tips & Tricks

Before you actually painstakingly varnish or varnish a table, you have many other - and much simpler - options for redesigning. First of all, always consider whether you really want to do a painting, staining or painting.

Video Board: How to Embellish a Table Runner