Clean the table - you should pay attention to this

The expensive dining table made of solid wood is not only high quality, but also a little bit sensitive. What to look for when cleaning and maintaining such table types, read in this post. In addition, what is suitable for all other tables for cleaning.

Clean insensitive tables

Ordinary painted or veneered tables are easy to clean with warm water and detergent. Also suitable are microfiber cloths that absorb dirt very thoroughly. This should be able to remove most stains and dirt. Soak sticky soiling - sharp cleaners and scourers are not a good choice for any table, nor scratchy cleaners (such as steel sponges).

Clean solid wood properly

Some things should always be considered if you have a high-quality solid wood table (whether oiled, waxed or painted):

  • Always catch spilled liquids immediately with an absorbent cloth
  • do not put hot pots or pots on the table surface (even less with waxed tables!)
  • do not place sharp objects or objects with high point load on the table (dents, scratches)
  • do not use any abrasive products for cleaning (scouring cream, polishes with abrasive particles)
  • do not clean too wet
  • do not use chemical cleaners

It is best to use a slightly damp, soft cloth for cleaning. Dish soap can usually be used. Always wipe dry after cleaning.

stain removal

Many stains can be removed with some proven remedies:

of stainremedying
water marksApply beeswax thinly, dry dry, polish
Wax spots of candlesheat with the hair dryer, pick up with a cloth
Heat stains on waxed tableswarm with the hair dryer, often the stain then disappears
grease stainsWater and whistling (pharmacy, also called kaolin) let it work for 24 hours, repeat if necessary

Protect tables

For valuable solid wood tables, there are numerous proven protection options that help to keep the table long beautiful.

Tips & Tricks

Always use table mats for valuable tables. They not only protect but can also look very decorative if the design is suitably chosen.

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