Make table decoration yourself

Decoration tips for the perfect Valentine's dinner

Make table decoration yourself: dinner

The 14th of February is celebrated in Germany as the Day of the lovers. The best opportunity to surprise the lady of the heart or the loved one with individual and loving gifts. You can really impress with a Valentine's dinner including homemade table decoration. But how can this be realized at the last minute?

Even those who have little time to prepare do not have to do without a delicious meal with their partner. Because our dinner and the trappings can be conjured up at short notice - with personal invitation and festive decoration.

Let yourself be inspired by our craft ideas and customize the table decorations on your festive board individually. Have fun when tinkering!

Send invitation - personally and romantically

If you have one shared evening for two If you are planning to do so, you can prepare your loved one in advance for the dinner by sending an invitation. In the fast-moving modern era, mails and SMS are sent too quickly, so you should fall back on the classic version: the personal letter.

Here you can Let your creativity run wild and create beautiful cards, possibly with a pop-up effect. Often it is sufficient here, if the postcard is labeled on the front with the word "invitation", while on the back place, time and a dear greeting are, for example:

Invitation to a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Date: 14.02.2016. Location: our living room. Time: 19:30.

Missing the creative hand For DIY, one of our print-ready Valentine cards can be used. If you do not have a color printer at home, you can simply print the photo print in the drugstore. Finally, a short dedication or a loving text complements and finished the card. In addition, you will find inspiring examples of cards to copy.

The table - festively and lovingly set

Make table decoration yourself: decoration

Couple evening: The table design picks up the favorite color of the women.

To form the perfect setting for dinner, you should Do the romantic table decoration yourself. That's not as hard as it sounds. You should first decide which decorative style you want to pursue and which colors will dominate. Do you prefer a classic decoration in white and gold shades, or do you want to consciously pick up your partner's favorite color?

The basis is formed by beautiful placemats that are square or round and chosen in a suitable color. The napkins should be made of cloth, the cutlery as much as possible the good silver cutlery of the grandmother - Here, something must be polished in advance. Even the wine and water glasses are already on the table - pay attention to unsightly fingerprints!

Table decoration and interior design

Make table decoration yourself: dinner

Colorful runners, flowers and menu and place cards complete the table decoration.

Made of construction paper can now little hearts in different shapes and colors to be tinkered with and then distributed on the table - here you can, for example, use the partner's favorite colors for the construction paper. Alternatively, such Streudekoelemente can also be purchased online or in the craft supplies.

Of course, flowers should not be missing: Whether a large bouquet, smaller mini cutlery in beautiful glasses or just individual rose petals - decide here to your personal taste. A candlestick with beautiful candles in the middle of the table creates a romantic candlelit dinner atmosphere. In addition, you can distribute a few tealights in the room, the candlelight takes care of the rest. To optimally tune in the favorite music of the lady of the heart is played.

Tip: Of course, before eating a cold bottle of champagne not missing. This can be presented in true style in a bucket with Eiswüfeln.

Make table decoration yourself: yourself

You can buy candles with love message in advance...

Make table decoration yourself: table

... or put a bright heart out of tealights!

Place card as a special extra

Make table decoration yourself: table

Place cards upgrade the entire board.

If you have found a design concept for your table decoration, you can a color-coordinated place card tinkering, which also takes up the most important decorative elements, such as the color, ornaments and patterns.

Bend a sturdy cardboard (about 7x10 cm) in the middle, so you have an area of ​​7x5 cm for labeling. Here you can enter the name of your loved one with a pen or colored pencil and emphasize with a curved line. In addition, you can attach a little heart, rhinestones or other decorative elements on one of the corners - orient yourself here at your table decoration. If you like, you can also make the place card multicolored, attach eyelets with solid silk ribbons or integrate real flowers.

Also nice: If you are looking for a flat, heart-shaped stone, paint it in red and after the drying time, write the name on it with a gold-colored pencil on it. If you have more time and motivation, you can make individual figures from salt dough, bake and paint accordingly. For fast, you can also label large flower leaves or slates.

Make table decoration yourself: make

Short roses in old cups look particularly noble.

After dessert - togetherness togetherness

In no case should the clearing of the dishes be forgotten and also the rinsing should be kept in mind. But that can all be done later Space and time for married togetherness - And for a special thank you to the loved one or the dearest for the great dinner and the fantastically beautiful table decoration.

Tip: A delicious dessert completes the perfect dinner. Find inspirational recipe ideas in our Valentine's Day recipes.

Make paper rose out of napkin

Make table decoration yourself: yourself

A particularly loving accessory for dinner Napkins in rose form. We have put together for you a detailed illustrated crafting instructions, so that even inexperienced can produce a beautiful table decoration. Make paper roses

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