Connect a table dishwasher

Sometimes it is not possible to operate a conventional dishwasher. For such cases, manufacturers offer table-top dishwashers. These are more or less mobile - but also smaller. There are two ways you can connect a table dishwasher.

Table washer significantly smaller than conventional appliances

The standard versions of dishwashers come in somewhat the same size as a home washing machine. These are devices that are fixed in one place. Even the smaller single machines are still very large, as the dimensions of all dishwashers make clear.

There are many reasons for a table dishwasher

But not every kitchen has enough space for a large dishwasher. Likewise, even a single dishwasher may still be way too big. But there are many other occasions where a dishwasher would be worthwhile:

  • with too little space for a fixed dishwasher
  • in offices and at work
  • in weekend cottages and gazebos
  • at smaller parties and events
  • on vacation and camping

For this purpose, the dishwasher manufacturers have developed another device - the tableware dishwasher. Tablewashers are significantly smaller than conventional devices, but can also be easily transported and thus temporarily installed.

Connecting from a table dishwasher

This also results in special features when connecting these devices. If they were to be connected like conventional dishwashers, they would have to be permanently connected to the drain and water supply in the kitchen. It would be too much effort to put the table washer on and off each time it is needed. How to connect a normal dishwasher is usually not worth it.

Connection at the tap

The specialized trade offers special connection options. The connections of the tabletop devices themselves are usually already prepared for other connection options. For example, many tableware dishwashers have an inlet hose with an aerator connection piece. The old pervator simply needs to be removed from the faucet. In some cases, adapters (reducers) are necessary because the thread diameter does not fit.

Connection to shut-off valve and siphon

The process then takes place via the sink. Of course, it is also possible to connect a table dishwasher traditionally. However, as most manufacturers assume that they operate at the tap, they are more likely to require an adapter specifically for this type of connection. Before you start to connect the table dishwasher, you must get all the necessary parts.

Step by step instructions for connecting a table dishwasher

  • Connect components to drain (Y connector for siphon, if permanent connection)
  • Double shut-off valve, if permanent connection
  • Adapter for the existing faucet or the double shut-off valve
  • Hemp for wrapping the external threads of pipe fittings
  • Wasserpumpenzange
  • possibly screwdrivers
  • in the case of fixed connection, rags and containers for catching water

1. Preparations

Inform yourself in advance, whether there is the desired table dishwasher with other connection options. If you already have the device, check the existing connections and buy the parts needed to connect the device according to your wishes.

2. Temporary connection table dishwasher

If you only want to connect the dishwasher temporarily, it will suffice via the tap. Unscrew the old pervator. If you need to use the old sieve, clean it before reuse. Now connect the perlator that came with the tableware washer.

The drain hose can simply be hung in the sink. Plug in the device now. Follow the manufacturer's instructions during commissioning. Especially if you have connected the inlet to a mixer tap (if the manufacturer recommends cold or hot - but not hot!).

3. Fixed connection table dishwasher

You will need to use a Y-pipe with matching port size in front of the siphon. Then turn off the main tap and replace the check valve under the sink with a double valve. Now connect the inlet hose to the second, free connection of the shut-off valve, connect the drain hose to the connection on the inserted Y-drain pipe. Now the device is plugged in. Please follow the instructions of the manufacturer before first use.

Tips & Tricks

You can also make the permanent connection temporarily if you need the faucet (for example, because the unit is to be connected on a daily or weekly basis). The specialized trade offers coupling pieces. These are simply inserted on the appropriate length between the two hoses. As with a garden hose, you can open the quick release at any time and then lock the device. Nevertheless, the connections to the siphon and the check valve are retained.

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