Paste a table - does that bring something?

The work with brush and paint roller is increasingly displaced by film technology. What advantages and disadvantages has the sticking of a table, which possibilities there are, and what costs you have to expect, read in this post.

Transparent foil as protection

In order to effectively protect a delicate table surface - such as an oiled solid wood table - you can use transparent table films very well. They protect the table from:

  • stains
  • pollution
  • Heat influence (especially important for waxed surfaces)
  • Scratches and damage
  • spilled

Such films can either be cut or made to measure. As a rule, the film thickness is 1 - 2 mm. The overall appearance of the table is only slightly affected by the films, but the tactile feel is less pleasant. Cut to size, the transparent films cost about 40 - 50 EUR, they are only hung up.

Foil for transformation

There are two options: table top foils or furniture foils for the whole table. Foils that are used only for the tabletop are quite inexpensive (from about 30 EUR to measure) and can be easily attached. The designs are very diverse and range from wood imitations to graphic representations and even photographs. A certain protective function for the table is also given.

On the other hand, if you want to foil the whole table, for example, to transform it, it is best to use classic furniture foil. Because of the many corners and edges on the table, the use of elastic film is recommended. Such films cost in different designs with a width of around 150 cm usually between 20 and 100 EUR per meter, special designs can cost up to 150 EUR per meter.

The filming is much more complicated here, for a clean filming around the edge you need in any case a helper and a hair dryer. The result is then very visually very convincing.

Advantages and disadvantages of filming

Transparencies offer significantly better protection than varnishing a table with clear lacquer. Even transparent foils make the table look better than, for example, a tablecloth.

The films last for several years, are then removable without a trace and the costs are (except in the complete foiling of a whole table) quite in the frame. Only the surface texture changes significantly, light reflections and reflections also make the natural look of the table surface disappear somewhat. But there is a real protection.

Tips & Tricks

Also, placemats provide plenty of protection for a table and are still significantly cheaper. In many cases you can visually even enhance a table surface and serve as a decoration.

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