Make the table higher - some interesting solutions

The right table height - in conjunction with the correct seat height - is always necessary for a comfortable and fatigue-free sitting. If the table is a bit too low, good advice is often expensive. What you can do, read in this post.

Determine the correct height

There are some pretty simple rules of thumb, both for the dining table and for the desk, in which the height must be adjusted more closely to your own height.

Table typeDetermine heightdeviations
dining table30 cm above the height of the seatsmall body size up to 27 cm, large body up to 34 cm
writing desk185 cm height: 77 cmeach 5 cm deviation in body size always 2 cm deviation at the table height

Make tables higher

To increase a too low table, you have different options. Targeted increases are possible through:

  • Extend table legs
  • Increase the table frame
  • attach additional table top

Extend table legs

A carpenter or turner can make a screw-on extension for table legs to measure. These extensions are simply screwed down to the table and increase it to the desired level. The price depends on the effort and the wood requirements for these screw-on blocks. Especially suitable for high quality dining tables.

Increase the table frame

If the table top can be removed from the so-called table frame (the peripheral panel between the table legs), you can also increase the height of the frame in order to raise the table top. In most cases, this is very time-consuming. Especially suitable for smaller dining and working tables.

Attach additional table top

To compensate for a too low height, you can simply attach an additional table top over the original table top. Especially at the desk, this brings another advantage: the old tabletop then serves as an additional storage space, thus providing more space and organization on the newly designed desk surface.

Attach rollers

Depending on the version, furniture castors are available in different heights between 35 and 125 mm. They are usually inexpensive to get and quite easy to assemble, even if there are no table legs (desks). Tailored selection of roll sizes makes it easy to change tables in height. Make sure that rollers are lockable and also have the right load capacity.

Tips & Tricks

Height-adjustable desks are the optimum in terms of ergonomics. They can usually be adjusted between 62 and 82 cm in height, thus optimally adapting to any body size.

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