Table made of pallets - you have these possibilities

Building furniture from pallets itself has become a real trend in recent years. This type of furniture making is not only cost effective and a delight for any home improvement, but also a very ecological thing. The different possibilities to build a table from pallets are shown in this article.

Suitable pallets

pallet quality

Basically, all undamaged pallets are suitable for the construction of furniture. In the case of exchangeable pallets from the forwarding sector, you should absolutely make sure that the pallet quality is specified as "new" or "as new".

Damaged or repaired pallets (these are also fixed quality designations, besides there is the designation "exchangeable") you should better not use.

range species

Basically, you have to differentiate between disposable and reusable pallets. As far as the pallet formats are concerned, there is a great variety. The most important types of pallets - in addition to the well-known Euro pallet - can be found in the table below

of palletsparticularities
industrial pallet200 mm wider than a Euro pallet, one-way pallet
2-way palletclosed structure as with the 4-way pallets such as the Euro pallet
IPPC palletsare specially heat-treated and dried, so that molds and resins can no longer occur (marking HT on the pallet)
industrial palletsa standard, different dimensions
drum palletshave a dimension of 1200 x 1200 mm
Paper pallets / transport coverWhen placed on top of pallets, can also be used for furniture
special palletsvarious special dimensions available

By contrast, Euro pallets have a precisely defined dimension of 1200 x 800 x 144 mm. The type and thickness of the bars, the load capacity and the wood quality are standardized and always the same with Euro pallets.

Prices for pallets

Under certain circumstances, pallets can be obtained very cheaply or even free of charge from forwarding and transport companies. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to order them directly from a pallet manufacturer on the Internet and have them delivered. Depending on the type of pallet, the costs for a pallet seldom exceed 5 - 10 EUR, often even less.

Prepare pallets properly

Apart from the fact that you may have to cut pallets to a suitable size, you should definitely use the pallets:

  • Thoroughly clean (especially with already used pallets)
  • grind
  • provided with appropriate wood protection

Ideas for construction

The simplest way is to use one or more pallets as a table top and place them on matching table legs. If you want to save the purchase of table legs, you can also use wine or fruit boxes.

Alternative construction plans

In addition, it is also possible to construct sidewalls from other pallets, which serve as a lateral support for the table top. In most cases, however, this is only possible if the pallet width corresponds to the table width - so you have to resort to other solutions for larger tables.

Simple coffee tables can also be built by placing a pallet on legs, blocks or even better on furniture casters. The pallet gap then serves as a storage area.

Additional possibilities

The pallet can be painted in a matching color to better fit in the room. Unpainted or merely clear-lacquer-sealed pallets certainly have their own charm and look particularly rustic.

Design tables can be made by sawing openings in the surface and using small boxes filled with sand, shells or similar decorative objects. The top of the table is then simply covered with a matching glass plate.

The open sides of a pallet can be blended easily. This can easily be a panel made of matching wood used in the open areas. To compensate for differences in color you can paint the whole table afterwards.

Protection of the table surface

After finishing the table, the table surface should be sufficiently protected. A good way of protection is a paint job, in many cases, (especially for dining tables) also offers the laying of a glass plate in the appropriate size. So nothing can fall through the spaces between the table.

Ecology of pallet construction

Building furniture from pallets has a very high ecological value. It is a so-called "upcycling" - already used goods are not only reused, but even a higher-value purpose (in this case the construction of a table) fed. For the conservation of our natural resources and the sensible use of resources, upcycling makes an important contribution.

The opposite is true for tables made of tropical wood, which are not cultivated sustainably. In addition to the long, CO2-intensive transport routes, the senseless waste of resources and the ecological catastrophes caused by the massive destruction of forests are a major problem here.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to the appropriate pallet format. Although you can create larger table surfaces by assembling and connecting multiple pallets from Euro pallets, it is usually easier to use a larger format pallet right from the start. Ask for this at professional pallet manufacturers - there you will learn all the popular formats that are in circulation.

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